Thursday, March 23, 2006 - FreeMarketNews.com

March 23rd is more than a normal day. A release from DownsizeDC serves as a reminder that today the Federal Reserve stops publishing a statistic known as M3 - the best information available on how much new currency is being created and held around the world. The release points out that "The Federal Reserve can create new dollars out of thin air. ... When more dollars are created prices rise and the value of your savings fall."

As of today, the Fed has stopped publishing this data for public analysis, and DownsizeDC is not alone in its suspicions about the reasons why. There have been a spate of articles on the 'Net recently speculating about the Fed's fairly dramatic move, some linking it to a possibile Iranian commodities bourse that will offer an alternative to the so-called US petrodollar. "The Fed is planning to do a lot of 'legal counterfeiting,' and wants to hide it," the release concludes.

The release also notes that Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] has introduced legislation to require the Fed to resume reporting the M3 statistic, and Downsize urges taxpaying citizens to contact their own representatives to support the bill called The Sunshine in Monetary Policy Act. - ST

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