In my opinion, you will get the "most bang for the buck" with organizations like Doctors For Haitian Humanity. Their people are almost all volunteer, and the volunteers (physicians included) pay their own way. Their operation is lean, efficient, non-partisan and vital. I strongly encourage you to consider donating directly to them. While our work is also important, the greatest need right now is for immediate emergency intervention and Doctors Without Borders is getting the job done. Donations which come to us for emergency relief will be used for recovery care, but the greatest need this week is not recovery care, it is survival care. Practical Compassion welcomes your support and needs it, but we are not the most important outlet this week. We will come into our own direct ministry in a few weeks. Again, my recommendation is Doctors For Haitian Humanity if you want to make an immediate impact.

The Prefect Money Account is: U1752771

Any amount will ceratinly be an impact.

Please give with you heart.


Rest assured, every dime we receive for this disaster relief WILL get into the hands of the people who need it -- every dime.

Again, thank you for caring, and for doing something about it.

Your servants,

George and Kelly Wright