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    Default Shunned In America: Australian Nat. Television Airs 9-11 Documentary


    David M. Bresnahan
    Posted; 1:05 AM Eastern
    February 5, 2006

    VERSAILLES, MO. -- Perhaps the most controversial documentary produced about the 9-11 attacks was recently aired on Australia's "TEN" television network and placed second in the ratings.

    Despite efforts to suppress the information and questions raised in "911 - In Plane Site," an increasing number of military experts and commercial airline pilots are coming forward to support and validate the information contained in the documentary. Many are now calling for a re-opening of the investigation into the September 11 attacks.

    The 90-minute program was aired nation-wide in Australia and resulted in a much higher than usual response from viewers.

    "Normally, we receive 12 to 24 calls after airing a TV show. After airing '911 - In Plane Site' we received 548 calls. Only 8 were negative," said Monica Forlano of the "TEN" program scheduling department. Callers requested that the show be aired a second time.

    E-mails poured into the producers of "911 - In Plane Site" expressing support and appreciation for the production, as well as sadness, fear and anger because of the apparent cover-up of facts about the tragedy, according to the report in the documentary.

    Dave vonKleist, producer of the documentary, said he is hopeful that the attention the video has received in Australia will prompt U.S. networks to give serious consideration to airing the program.

    "The compelling evidence presented so authoritatively in the documentary needs to be shown to the people of the world. The story we have been told and the evidence just do not match. The American people have a right to see this," said vonKleist.

    "Every country has been dramatically affected by 9-11, and the evidence indicates that we all have been lied to by government officials. The public and the media have been deceived. Journalists have a responsibility to be the eyes and ears of the public, and to hold public officials accountable. Now that this evidence is available journalists should be anxious to bring it to light for public examination," he added.

    Information about the documentary can be found on a web site maintained by vonKleist at He and his wife Joyce Riley are co-hosts of "The Power Hour," an independently syndicated radio program with at web site at To purchase the video, click here.

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    "Every country has been dramatically affected by 9-11, and the evidence indicates that we all have been lied to by government officials. The public and the media have been deceived...

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    the public may have been decieved but how many in the media knew the truth?

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