OSEN Launches Site for Open-Sourcing Clean Energy
Website launch provides inventors and users with tools of collaboration for shared advancement of clean, free, and renewable energy technology solutions. Believes that open sourcing, which has been such a boon to the software community, can be just as much so, if not more for the energy world.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
(Permission granted to use this story as a press release)

Photo by Carmen Muller (OSEN)
Entrepreneur, Jon Peters (OSEN co-founder and underwriter), right, talks to Patrick Bailey (Institute for New Energy), long-time pillar in clean energy technology pursuit. Moray B. King is shown in the background at the 2005 ExtraOrdianary Technology conference held in Salt Lake City.

VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA -- Several months in the making, today the Open Source Energy Network (OSEN) opens its new website to the public.

The operative word in summarizing the project is "Network", and the focus is on clean, free, and renewable energy technology, both in advancing it as a science as well as making it available for everyone.

The non-profit company's site is designed to facilitate the collaborative development of new energy technologies and understanding. Its set of tools to facilitate that cooperation is long and impressive, made possible by the generous underwriting primarily of its co-founder, the youthful entrepreneur Jon Peters. His financial infusions have been in the six figures, covering expenses and providing stipends for more than half a dozen people involved in building the site and its tools.

The primary passion of OSEN is to provide a fertile environment for the open sharing of key energy ideas that can see the emergence of viable -- even superior -- alternatives to our current dependence as a society on polluting energy sources such as oil, gas, and coal. The guiding philosophy of OSEN is that because open sourcing has proven fruitful in the world of software, it is also sure to do so the world of energy as well. The site is offered as a premier tool to facilitate that open sharing with the most brilliant minds on the subject worldwide.

"By open sourcing energy technology, the problem of the suppression of new and revolutionary technologies is eliminated because there is strength in numbers," says Matthew L. Carson, co-founder of OSEN. "Once it's in the open it's going to stays there." He goes on to say that open sourcing has another key benefit. "By open sourcing the core technology and breeding competition on the service, installation, maintenance and integration of a technology the consumer wins. Good ethical businesses can win by making an honest profit based on true value to consumer and a job well done. The time for irresponsible profiteering at the expense of humanity has come to an end. The Open Source model has done truly amazing things in software, it will do amazing things for energy and it wont stop there."

Matthew L. Carson (OSEN co-founder), knew since a small child that he would be doing something like this project. Pictured here with the OSEN Hummer (on generous loan)Â that runs on veggie oil and hydrogen, less expensively than it would be to run it on diesel.
In Vancouver, you will see Matthew tooling around in a loaned Hummer converted to run on vegetable oil and hydrogen. People are always asking him how they can convert their diesel cars and trucks. That is one of the purposes of the site: to provide collaboratively-built “how-to” instructions with clear visual aids, so that non-experts can see results similar to what the engineers and geeks are achieving.

The "Projects" section list various open-source projects presently under way. In that directory there is a link to create a new project. If you have a bright new idea for a device or machine, and are willing to open it up to public input and sharing of effort, you are encouraged to do so using your own OSEN Project Page as a worldwide access point.

Each week, OSEN plans to present a show called Energetic Garageâ„¢ which will feature some kind of gadget tinkering.

OSEN staff is eagerly standing by to assist you with any questions you might have about how to use the site and to build new pages.

Perhaps OSEN's greatest strength is in their professionalism. They bring “class” to just about everything they tackle. Watch one of their many videos, produced by Marcus Cameron with graphics by Torrance Hurd, and you will see that the CNN kind of classy feel has now arrived in the world of "bleeding-edge" energy technology research that is not covered but rarely in the mainstream media. Listen to the daily "Today in Free Energy™" radio spot, a four-to-eight minute segment with anchor, Charlee Redman, and you will be hooked.

Photo by Tahnie and Brad Roska
OSEN's Executive News Editor, Sterling D. Allan, has been covering free energy for three years.
OSEN's selection of directory listings and news regarding cutting-edge energy technology from around the world comes from the three-year-old news reporting and directory service of Sterling Allan's PES Network Inc., which is presently in process of merging with OSEN -- an example of the networking that is the hallmark of the Open Source Energy NETWORK.

Not only can you read the latest news in the field, but you can create your own news portal to display the news you wish to track, based on keywords and directory connection. You can also submit a news item, either a single news bullet linking to another site, or a news exclusive of your own composition. There is also a news page featuring live feeds from various energy news services around the world. There is also a news page featuring the live feeds from various energy news services around the world.

Of course OSEN has a live feed as well for interested parties to pick up and display on their sites. The OSEN staff has several people talented in preparing fascinating news, as well as in composing exclusive stories. They will be interviewing the leaders in the field, and capturing the essence of what they are and do -- as well as accurately explaining why and how they do it.

OSEN's vast directory of pages covers topics from solar and geothermal to cold fusion and magnet motors. Inventor profiles are also featured, along with other energy issues such as global warming and the high costs of oil dependence.

With a revenue-generating capability based on quality of content, traffic, and sales of items related to the directory topic, each directory page invites an editorial staff to come forward and take up the reins. The directory manager who assumes active responsibility and produces high-quality content will receive a sizable chunk of the revenue generated by the page or group of pages that he or she builds and maintains.

Thus OSEN’s Directory system combines the Open Source Directory Project ( model of editors with the paid-editor model of Yahoo, but with many times more passion that the quest for clean energy instills in people.

The "Sites" feature enables you to easily create a link to energy-related websites, whether one you own, or one that interests you. And by setting your own filter preferences, you can customize the way this page displays.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds sprinkle every page of the site, enabling you to track closely the pages of interest.

And of course there is a 'blog' section, which lists not just the OSEN blog, but other related blogs too. If it is related to cutting edge, clean energy technology, you are welcome to add one of your own if you want.

The website offers unlimited bandwidth and memory. You can upload a video of your latest experimental results. Post the data spreadsheet for your peers to review and comment. Join in a discussion on the discussion board about your project. Create an index page to organize the material relating to your project. Manage your group contacts privately among those with proper access rights in your project.

While the SharePoint software that runs the infrastructure of the website is a Microsoft product, OSEN does not see that as being too harsh of a contradiction to the "open source" concept that they promote when it comes to energy technology development. While Microsoft does provide the basic chassis, there is a huge world of open source development that supports the many plug-ins and options available. So it really is the case that the back-end that drives the OSEN website was built by the very kind of open collaboration that OSEN hopes to foster among inventors of technology.

On the fun side (if you're hot already having fun on the site), OSEN is running a contest for a slogan that characterizes its nature and activity in a catchy way that will appeal to the public. Site users will be able to vote on the slogan they like best. The slogan-contest winner will receive $50.00 and an OSEN T-shirt. Future contests will be ran for visual design elements and musical jingles, among other things -- an idea tacked on by OSEN's editor, Mary-Sue Haliburton.

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OSEN makes cannon-ball splash opening with release of disclosure testimonial videos - Earth-shattering never-before-seen video testimonials released for the first time, featuring seven energy inventors. Affidavit witnesses implore the halting of suppression of new energy technologies that could eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel. (PESN; Oct. 22, 2005)
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OSEN makes cannon-ball splash opening with release of disclosure testimonial videos
Earth-shattering never-before-seen video testimonials released for the first time, featuring seven energy inventors. Affidavit witnesses urge an end to suppression of new energy technologies that could eliminate our suicidal dependence on fossil fuel.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
(Permission granted to use this story as a press release)

Click here to view the video panel.
(permission granted to reproduce this image with the press release)

Photo by Carmen Muller (OSEN)
Carmen Miller (OSEN), daughter of the late inventor, Bill Muller, stands next to Tom Valone, who is one of the researchers featured in the seven-pack of video testimonials being released as the debut feature for OSEN's website launch.

VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA -- In launching its website today, after several months of incubation, the Open Source Energy Network ( is making its debut splash by releasing never-before-seen video testimonials from seven leading alternative energy inventors.

These professional videos were prepared by the Disclosure Project, headed by Dr. Steven Greer, and were underwritten with sizeable funds for high-quality production. They were prepared to serve as testimony that will stand up in court. They document the fact, both that there are viable new energy technologies which could rid us of our dependence on polluting fossil fuels, and that there have been active efforts in suppressing these. Explosively, these videos reveal names and tactics of this Luddite resistance against scientific progress.

This power-packed series includes testimony from Tom Bearden; Thomas Vallone, Paul Czysz, Hal Puthoff, David Hamilton, Ted Loder, Paul LaViolette, several of whom hold PhDs, and all of whom are held in high esteem by their peers in the field of clean energy. Each video is between 45 minutes and an hour in length. (Some of the videos, such as Tom Bearden's, can be viewed at a higher speed to shorten online time, while remaining easy to understand.)

These videos are sure to become hot items among those who track developments in this field. Many have been frustrated by the lack of progress for so many years, knowing that we could have had some of these technologies over a century ago were it not for the oil and business cartel that actively snuffed it out. Their blockade against both scientific progress and information began with their snubbing of Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant inventors of all time. For many decades, he was barely mentioned -- if at all -- in our schools and history books. You would think that the man who brought us A.C. power, radio, and other wireless communication, would deserve prominent attention.

But because he wanted to make energy available for free – wirelessly broadcast worldwide without metering or billing, accessed by a simple receiver device which did not need to be plugged into any socket or wired grid – he was de-funded, and publicly scorned. A device he developed to power a car using energy from the vacuum was likewise quashed, and nearly forgotten.

As we approach Tesla's 150th birthday next year (July 10, 2006), the great inventor and theorist is finally beginning to emerge from this imposed limbo, with the Legend status that he always deserved.

The work of Tesla is a common theme in these affidavit video interviews. Their combined witness provides a powerful impetus for us to put pressure on our elected officials and demand that they to support the development and penetration into the marketplace of clean energy devices and infrastructure – with the same vigor with which they approached the Manhattan project or the Apollo Project.

As a sampling from the seven videos, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden says that the scientific community must stop snubbing these technologies, and that their doing so has very little to do with science, and very much to do with the politics of science.

Bearden warns that if we do not do something of this magnitude, but only continue to give marginal attention to this matter through token legislation and half-hearted scientific dabbling, then the handwriting on the wall spells our doom. The momentum of “peak oil” continues to drive fuel prices upward, fomenting international unrest which risks creating the kind of Armageddon scenario warned of in the Bible and promoted in pop culture: weapons of mass destruction begin to be unleashed by nations panicking when the traditional energy supplies are choked off. None of this need happen, if the alternatives are developed with all speed, says Bearden.

Intended to be legally respected in Supreme Courts around the world, these video testimonies are were also designed to be presented to the court of public opinion with the hope that once the general mass of people are awakened to the facts, the grassroots pressure and consumer demand for new energy technology will be unstoppable. Such a groundswell will influence the scientific community to cease politically-driven snubbing, not least because some among them are in favor of this overdue paradigm shift but in the past – due to peer pressure and the threat of blacklisting – they have not been free to speak out. Then the politicians will have to give clean energy the priority status it demands. They will have to put an end to subsidies on oil and old technologies, lest our civilization succumb to implosion.

The private sector can do a huge amount to reverse the present disastrous course. Because these technologies are superior in every way – more efficient and more cost-effective ¬– they will create a stronger bottom line for companies promoting them.

In launching their new website today, the Open Source Energy Network hopes to also launch another revolution -- the open sourcing of energy technologies. Rather than penury, secrecy and cutthroat battles over patents, the model of co-operation offers to researchers and inventors the best way to beat the suppression of these long-overdue developments and gain sufficient support to achieve optimum results. With the combined efforts of many trained and creative minds, the extracting of clean, free, renewable, and inexhaustible energy – whether it be from the sun, wind, tide, geothermal, from the vacuum of space, or from properties of magnetism and inter-planetary and inter-stellar electricity not yet fully understood – will be realized in our generation.

Thus this seven-pack video set of disclosure videos is an apropos way to introduce OSEN to the world.

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