A caution to obedient

They think that their own opinions reflect the opinions of everybody in Nigeria.

They also think that everybody must love Obi and everybody must hate Tinubu.

If the leader of Boko Haram supports Obi, they will hail him as a saint and a wise person, but even if Awolowo comes back from the dead to support Tinubu, they would curse and rain abuses on him.

If the Republican party produces a bad president in the US, and the Labor Party produces a bad Prime Minister in the UK, does it mean all those in the party are evil and those parties cannot produce one good person again?

The elections were not rigged in all the states Obi won... And the elections were not rigged in all the states in which PDP won, but it was rigged in the states APC won (only 12 states or so?)... Therefore it must be canceled.

The Governor of Kaduna chose to follow what the Supreme Court said, and Obi’s deputy (Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed), was calling that treason.

What is treasonable in following the order of the Apex Court?

And you are still telling me he gets sense?

What is the unusual wisdom in emphasizing the weaknesses of your opponents and ignoring their good deeds?

Obi and Atiku kept silent when APC governors where pleading with Buhari to reverse the new naira policy, knowing full well their own supporters are also being affected… They thought that Naira scarcity would make APC lose the elections.

Now, they can shout when the elections didn’t go as they want.

Whoever wins… I can’t care less. As long as the guy has good programs and plans for Nigeria.

I would have had more respect for Obi if he was contesting on the platform of APGA, the party that made him a governor of Anambra… (but he left APGA and he had the conscience to join PDP (a party that also, for 16 years, contributed to the woes Nigeria is facing today, so it is not only APC you will blame), he also left PDP and joined LP.

And it was so disappointing that Anambra State doctors were on strike for 13 MONTHS! Under his watch! How could a sitting governor allow the HEALTH sector to be on strike for 13 months without resolving the issue? And it is not that the Federal govt didn’t give them their monthly allocations.

And how did Lagos State, under Tinubu survived for years, even when Obasanjo withheld their allocations in those years? Lagos State survived and the civil servants were not owed, despite nothing coming from the FG. And Tinubu has never left the party that produced him a governor, in spite of all he has had to endure within the party.

These are comparisons.

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