What do you think about the hijab?

Despite all the philosophy and dramatized historical background about hijab, I hate it. My personal experience with hijab wasn't really good so it's definitely a biased opinion, but I must admit that I see hijab as a part of misogynistic culture developed and encouraged by patriarchal society.

Here's an interesting quote I read a while ago:

These are some statements stuffed to my ears almost all the time:

You look more beautiful with hijab, they say. No, I don't. I'm not Medusa, my hair isn't made of snakes. I look beautiful as I am, thanks. Brainwashing me into thinking that I'm ugly if I don't cover my hair won't work.

You will be respected more if you wear hijab, they say. NO! Everyone, men and women, should respect each other, period. No addendum. If you think that respect is determined by the way someone dresses, then it's you who doesn't deserve respect at all. The bad guys would keep harassing women if the women themselves justify it by thinking that they deserve it. Stop feeding this misogynistic behavior.

I wear hijab by choice, not forced at all, they say. Um, okay, whatever you say. But if it's YOUR CHOICE then keep it to YOURSELF. Don't force it to others, don't belittle others who dress differently than you. Because if you do that, I see it that you're actually insecure and try to make yourself feel better about your “choice” by belittling others.

By M. Mutiara, Quora

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-think-about-the-hijab

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