What are the most popular false beliefs? Please specify which group(s) you're referring to.

The most popular false beliefs are going to be things that are widely accepted and only the most insensitive of skeptics would approach. I can't really do it without feeling like I'm taking a swing at a deadly hornet's nest with a stick, like some sort of horrible birthday party pinata mishap. I'll do it today, though.

-The World: The Fallacy of Faith
The world uses religion as a vehicle to spread lies in the name of a higher purpose. No religion is free from this corruption and control of information is a must. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved. So, my number one on this list religion.

-My Region: The Muting of the Voice of the American South
The people here are of a majority belief that the American Civil War had only one reason, which is a fight over slavery. It's like saying that the American Revolution started over a 3% tax increase. The reality was that it was a fight against a strong federal government trying to tell them that they couldn't trade with Great Britain, as well as many other strict regulations. One of those happened to be slavery, which actually functioned much differently in the North than it did the South. Also, treatment of slaves was much worse in northern states and this was used as propaganda to say how bad the people of the South were for resisting the economic sanctions.

I didn't learn this in school. I had to study it on my own with help from some very smart, very socially progressive academics. I'm not supporting slavery by saying this, but revisionist history is in the works right now to take away the symbol of those who tried to throw off the yoke of militant centralization of our federal government that was occurring without representation. The "Rebel Battle-flag" is supposed to be a symbol of the pride of those who remember what happened so that we don't repeat it. Its use by fringe hate groups demeans it and has been fought over long and hard, but apparently not hard enough.

Now, suddenly, when we are facing an intensifying of federal power, our symbol of rebellion is coming under attack via propaganda and lobbying. The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate. Anyone who says so has taken either the side of the bleating media sheep, or the side of the vicious wolves who once used it to predate on minorities decades ago and have a pitiful size and strength. Stop stirring up trouble by attacking the pride of the South. It's the last thing anyone needs and it is a distraction from the fact that we are entering another World War in the Middle East, one we really can't participate in.

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