No lawyers will ever work for you free of charge, no matter how close you’re. Even if they’re your brother, they will still make you pay for stationery (unless in very rare circumstances).

If you have a case, whether you will lose or win, lawyers will charge you for their services.

Now, police officers will also charge you for their services. It’s not an official thing, but it’s a reality.

Lawyers know that police also must get some money, and they encourage their clients to give police officers their dues.

However, if it appears that the police want to take too much from you, lawyers will ask you not to give them anything again. But if you want to give your lawyer more jobs or you want to make them work continuously, they will continue to demand more money from you.

The logic is: Lawyers want you to pay them for their jobs, and for you to continue doing that as long as they’re working for you… But they don’t want you to give money to the police. They think the police should work for you free.

Perhaps lawyers think if you give money to the police, you may not be left with much to give to them.

Do you think police officers would like such things? When there are things that police will do and lawyers cannot do.

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