When the police arrest a bunch of citizens, often illegally, they ask each of them to show their ID card.

If a person is arrested justly, they donít usually ask for ID cards.

Now, when the raid illegally, often to round up a bunch of people, they ask for their ID cards. They later release them after theyíve been bribed (settled)

Itís not that they want to release you if you show them your ID card. They simply want to know if you can implicate them. For example, if youíre an airman or a seaman or a soldier or a high-raking politician or anyone who can really put them in trouble.

If you a member of the forces, for example, and you donít have an ID card and youíre put into a cell, even your superiors would later blame you for not carrying your ID card with you, and the policemen who have arrested you would your lack of ID card as a cogent excuse.

Now, if youíre rounded up for the purpose of raiding, if you show them your National ID card or Voterís Card or International Passport or your Driverís license, they wonít release you (not as long as theyíre sure you wonít implicate them).

The only ID card they understand is MONEY. If youíve not committed a very serious crime and youíve not been arrested by an order from above, theyíll release you as long as you have the cash to give them (otherwise you would rot in cell with your ID card).

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