The reason is not far-fetched. Local governments are completely useless. The purpose for which they were created has been defeated.As far back as 2002, I went to one local government in Ogun State (name withheld). It was during the tenure of Gbenga Daniel. I was part of those waiting to see the chairman. When I entered the chairmanís office, it started raining. There were people there too. The rain was heavy and the ceiling of the chairmanís office was leaking seriously. A bucket was placed under the spot of the leakage so that it could contain the water.When a local government canít repair itís chairmanís office, would you expect them to do any meaningful repair or construction in the community? Recently, I also visited another local government in another State. The secretariat compound was flooded with rainwater and they did nothing about it. When a local government canít do anything about obnoxious pools of water in their secretariat compound, would you expect them to do any meaningful repair or construction in the community? These local governments are good at collecting fares, fees and levies (like touts), intimidating people and locking up their properties if they fail to do so. What do they do with the money? They share the money.If you see the houses, cars and money that are possessed by elected and appointed officials of local governments, youíll understand where the revenues they generate go. The only meaningful projects, repairs and constructions and other things that are going on around me, that are being done by the governments, are mostly from State governments, and in some cases, Federal governments. Local governments are useless, and they should be scrapped. THE ONLY 2 GOOD THINGS IN LOCAL GOVERNMENTSThe first good thing about local governments is their employees. They get paid and they carry lots of domestic responsibilities. Local governments help reduce unemployment problems by creating jobs for their permanent and contract staff.The second good thing about them is: Local government secretariats are good for carrying out Federal government programs, exercises, etc, thus reducing costs. When I applied for National ID card under Obasanjo regime, when I applied for NIMC card, and voterís card, it as all at local governments, and there is where I got those things.Think about immunization programs, etc. They are mostly done through local governments, at grassroots level. Perfect Money/Payeer/Epay/Neteller: