Nigeria was not ripe, nor mature enough to get independence when we got it.

Itís like a child that runs away from home when they think theyíre mature enough to fend for themselves. Remember a prodigal son.

The leaders who fought for freedom turned against themselves later. Then there was a coup. Then subsequent leaders have messed up things.

Things would have turned differently if our colonial ******* had put those who asked for freedom in life imprisonment, and then release them after at least, 20 years.

If the Whites were still ruling us when there was oil boom in Nigeria, things would be far, far better. Nigeria would have become a Mecca of Africa.

If Mandela was granted what he was fighting for when he was young, I can bet that South Africa would be much worse than Sudan or Somalia right now. But he was put in jail, while others were shouting. The country was undergoing rapid developments by the Whites.

When Mandela was finally released and the Whites handed over power, South Africa was already a model nation. Mandela became president and left. Another person got there and left, and so on. Jacob Zuma has many enemies and for good reasons.

South Africa is now becoming a mess under the Blacks rule. Yet, things are far better when compared to Nigeria.

Look at countries where the Blacks ruleÖ Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, Rwanda, Central Africa RepublicÖ All these are sad stories.

I remember what my granddad went through under the Whites rule, before he was given a driverís license. He had to undergo a series of driving tests. Some roadblocks and big objects would be put on the road and he would be asked to drive a truck around them without hitting any of the objects. If he hit any objects, he was asked to come the other day because he had failed that day.

Eventually he was given a driverís license. He drove for several decades. Until he died at an old age, he never had a single accident (despite his illiteracy). White manís standards.

In Nigeria of nowadays, a blind man can get a driverís license. A lame man can get a driverís license.

If our politicians of 1960s had been jailed and even shot in the legs Ė because the freedom they demanded has become a curse for innocent people and generations yet unborn Ė we would be very happy now.

Granted, there could be some allegations and murmurs, but the Whites would build this country, set great standards, industrialize the country and make Nigeria an envy of the nations. Then they could hand over power. This is what makes a difference between Nigeria and South Africa. The latter was far less endowed in terms of natural resources

We criticize the Whites for colonizing us, yet we run away to their countries (Europe, Western nations, North America). We didnít want them to rule us, but we willingly go to their countries to slave for them or to escape the hardships weíve created for ourselves here.

Compare the company/business in Nigeria that is run by Westerners, and the company/business in Nigeria run by Nigerians. Compare how the Westerners treat their Nigerian employees, their benefits and salary structures. Then see how Nigerians are treating their fellow Nigerian employees, plus their salary structures and benefits.

October 1st is indeed a day is sadness.

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