okay let me give a different view from Kennedy’s cabal theory.

Lagos was congested and due to the nature of the terrain, it was difficult to expand and have the kind of infrastructure that was envisaged. Abuja in the center of the country has virtually limitless land for expansion. World class infrastructure has been built but has fallen into disrepair due to poor maintenance and planning culture.

Security was also a nightmare due to the congestion. There had been 2 assassinations of the President already and 4 changes of government in violent ways. It was believed that there was a need to have a better position for the seats of government. The seat of government in Abuja is in a wide expanse of land where movement around the whole city can be monitored. There has never been violent transfer of power since the capital moved in 1993.

Lagos was deeply entrenched in the heartland of one of the main ethnic groups in Nigeria and there was no chance it was going to loosen up. Contrary to the widely held belief in the South of Nigeria, Abuja is not Hausa land but the minority Gwari tribe. Igbo people from South of Nigeria are now the largest land holders in Abuja.

The 70s was a time of Black/African renaissance and the belief that the black man had a great manifest destiny was still alive. Abuja was therefore conceived of as a City that will be a showpiece and pride of the Black race.

If the cabal was all about regionalism and tribalism, Kaduna would have been the choice of the new Capital not Abuja.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Nigeri...Lagos-to-Abuja

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