Would you vote for Mark Zuckerberg, if he ran for president?

Oh, hell no.

I do not want another businessman president. Businesses are not like governments in any way. Governments and businesses have completely different goals. The skills to run one are not the same skills you need to run the other.

I havenít seen anything to suggest Zuckerburg has the personal values or compassion to that I want in a president. He hasnít given us any clue what his platform or program would be. If he tried to get the Democratic nomination, I would fight against him. That said, if he did get the nomination, I would have no choice but to campaign for him and vote for him. The Republicans are a danger to the US, to Western civilization, and to the planet.

I loathe the whole cult of personality around successful businessmen.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Would-you-vote...or-president-1

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