What is the most powerful country in Europe?

Militarily, Russia is still the top dog in Europe. It has fallen a very long way from the might of the Soviet Union, but it is still dangerous. Both as a percent of GDP and in absolute terms, it is the major European economy that spends by far the most on its military; 5.6% to second place France’s 2.1% and $66 billion to the UK’s $55 in absolute terms. And of course, it still has enough nuclear weapons to turn the rest of Europe into hot slag. There’s a reason why there’s a continent wide alliance dedicated to defending against Russia.

That said, Russia is unmistakably on its way down. Its economy has been stagnant and continually low oil prices aren’t doing it any favors. Russia’s economy is also too small to continue supporting its rotting military. Germany is a far wealthier country while the UK and France are both similar in size to Russia. In terms of soft power like economics or diplomatic and cultural influence, these three countries are all more important than Russia. This is especially true with Germany, which is going to find itself increasingly lonely at the top of an EU with a dysfunctional France no Britain.

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