Is it possible that everything we've been told about North Korea is a lie?

How do we know for a fact that western countries haven't just fed us propaganda?

Certainly the information we receive is unreliable.

Recently, North Korean general, Ri Yong Gil, was reported executed. Soon afterwards, he turned up alive. Back in 2013, the singer Hyon Song Wol was also reported executed, perhaps for making a pornographic video, perhaps for possessing a Bible, perhaps because she was Kim Jong Unís ex-girlfriend. She turned up alive and well the next year.

Shin Dong Hyuk is a famous North Korean defector and the subject of the book, Escape from Camp 14. He was one of the star witnesses at the UN inquiry into human rights. He has now admitted to fabricating parts of his story. The book continues to be sold without revision.

We are told that the border between China and North Korea is fortified with fences and guard posts to stop North Koreans escaping. But thatís not true.

There are countless examples of this. This doesnít mean that all the information we receive is false, but we need to be cautious about it.


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