Here’s the Wikipedia definition of NURTW:

“The National Union of Road Transport Workers is a Nigerian organisation which functions as a mixture of a public transport company, street gang, and a transport worker's union.

The organisation raises fund through several methods, but the largest of these is charging fees - of approximately 20 Nigerian Naira at illegal checkpoints, and from local shop owners.

A large number of the NURTW have been arrested in recent months after a government crackdown on these unregulated fees, after the government embarked on a plan to stop people from collecting dues outside motor parks. These people are known as agberos.” :

Some people have called them a criminal organization. Why would a sane government legalize a criminal organization in the name of a revenue generation?

But unfortunately, popular actresses, actors, musicians have always eulogized these people because they’re their major sponsors.

This is no wonder. Those actors themselves have no morals to pass across to people. They themselves live life that’s contrary to what they preach through their movies.

Nigeria remains one of the very few countries on earth, where people would be collecting monies they don’t work for. This is unthinkable in sane countries.

They perform Hajj and they occupy important religious posts. They’re even currently fasting. Yes, their profession is totally against morals, humanity and divine rules.

They use the monies they got to take care of themselves, but they couldn’t care less about the welfare of those whose labours provide the funds.

Commercial motorists groan under their yokes. But nobody cares. The saddest thing is how these people kill their perceived enemies.

But, I observed that many of these people are Muslims. Let’s be honest, this is no religious bias. Christians are very few, if any, among these notorious NURTW people. Please begin to mention their real names, you’ll see that most of them are Muslims.

Now, why? Why? Does Islam condone this kind of job – forcing people to give you money you’ve not worked for? Is it a normal thing in Islam?

Considering the negligible number of Christians among the NURTW, can we say that Christianity doesn’t sanction that kind of job?

Why are most members of NURTW Muslims?

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