This is the age; I speak their age!
the golden age of thuggery and hooliganism
the age of assassinations and murders with impunity
the age of going scot-free and unscathed after committing heinous crimes
the age of using goons as a political tool
the age of using drugs and lethal weapons on the street
the age of conciliatory cooperation between cops and ruffians
the age of imposition of curfews by touts
the age of collection of fees they do not work for
the age of molestation of innocent and gentle citizens
the age of enjoyment of bounties and benefits that workers cannot afford
the age of a world of area boys and rogues
the age of sultry love among beautiful girls and dangerous boys
the age of seeing armed robbery as a necessity
the age of intimidation, implication, trepidation and insecurity
the age of electing money as the number one quality, prerequisite, criterion, and qualifying factor
the age of getting money by whatever means available, legal or illegal
the age of belief that only the strong can collect unlawful money from the public
the age of getting tipped for slang words and praises
the age of talking about street fighters’ exploits with zealous excitement
the age of purchasing of properties and cars by professional louts
the age of seeing strength and mad bravery as necessities
the age of welcoming the procession of official thugs with loud ovation
and finally it is the golden age of anarchy
Oh, I weep for parents who bear children they cannot train

(Ben Alani, 2009)

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