I opened the door for a stranger and let him into my apartment. After letting him in the first thing he said was ďDonít worry, Iím not an axe murderer.Ē Turned out he was telling the truth about that. I found out later he killed an entire family with a firearm instead.

This is a long story..I will try to be as brief as possible.

I shared an apartment with my brother. It was on the end in a dark hallway, maybe thatís why he picked it. It was a Friday night.

He knocked. I answered. He said he was looking for a baby sitter for his kids. He said this was the address he was given. He asked if he could use the phone to call the babysitter to get the correct address. He told me he was only checking her out to see if it would be suitable for his kids. He was dressed very nicely. Had a nice watch and a ring on his finger. It was a small town. I figured I probably even knew this baby sitter. I let him in. He called someone and it was a weird conversation ó this happened a long time ago, and I donít remember why I thought it was weird ó something about him saying streets that werenít recognizable and again, this was a small town. I knew most of the street names. I told him, let me talk to her. He gave me the phone. She sounded very nervous, and began giving me directions that didnít make sense. After I hung up the phone with her - I told him that he should not let his children stay with this woman. I said I didnít know what was wrong with her, but she sounded like she was on drugs. I told him I had some friends that baby sat and we swapped phone numbers.

Then another knock - it was my best friend. The first thing she asked was who the hell is this guy. I told her he was a stranger and she gave me a look like what the hell? I said ďhe said heís not an axe murderer.Ē So my friend starts drilling him with questions. Whatís your name, Where do you live, when did you move here, how many kids do you have, are you married. Where did you come from (pretty usual stuff when a new-comer comes to town). He answered them all. He didnít seem nervous he seemed to enjoy the attention.

Then another knock - it was one of my brothers friends, looking for my brother who wasnít there. He said he would wait. He started asking questions too, pretty much the same ones ó everyone once in a while, the guy would answer with something different though. I knew he was lying, but sometimes people lie ó for no good reason.

They were nailing him pretty hard with the questions. My friends didnít like him. Another one of my brothers friends stops by. Again with the questions. The stranger wasnít trying to leave - he was older than us, but it seemed as though he wanted to hang out - yes that was weird, but I was intrigued by it all ó I wasnít scared, I didnít find him scary, my little voice inside wasnít warning me of anything ó but all my friends that were there did not like him, they kept taking me to the side and wanting to hear the story again of how he came to be in my apartment. They said get him out, there is something wrong with his story. Something isnít adding up.

My friends questions are becoming less polite, more accusatory. He is getting uncomfortable. Iím watching all of this like I am watching a T.V. show. I felt like I was a bystander - not taking my friends side and not taking the strangerís side ó basically just allowing the game to continue to see how it all plays out. Providing drinks for the thirsty, and cheese and crackers to the hungry.

He said he wanted to go move his car to a better place then he would come back. My friends jumped on this, ďWhere is your car?Ē Why did you park it so far away if you knew this apartment number.Ē He said he parked it a block away - in a shopping center - which didnít make much sense if you know the address to the apartments. So he leaves to move his car. My friends say he will not come back - we spooked him. I said he will come back ó I donít know why I said that - it just seemed he wasnít finished. So we wait about twenty minutes and itís obvious he is not coming back, then we go on to discuss what a dumbass I am for opening the door in the first place and what a weird experience that was.

My brother finally comes home. We told him about it - he agrees Iím a dumbass, then goes out with his friends, leaving me and my friend at the apartment by ourselves. Remember when I said we swapped phone numbers? I got a call. Itís the stranger, but instead of that calm guy that was in my apartment. This guy is basically screaming at me. Calling me names that would make a sailor blush. I donít get it. I never interrogated him. I wasnít the one that made him feel uncomfortable. I wasnít the one lying and contradicting myself. Why is he yelling at me? I was actually trying to be diplomatic with him. Then he says ďI know where you liveĒ Iím coming over there tonight and Iím going to kill youĒ and then he hung up. He called again, but I didnít pick up. He left a message on my answering machine, basically saying the same thing. He meant it. He was so angry. So emotional. My brother came home about then. He listened to the message and said this guy is sick. Then the phone rang again. My brother answered it. My brother was sticking up for me and letting this guy have it, then his face went kind of white. I couldnít hear what was being said on the other line, but my brother was scared. Then he hung up. He looked at me and said, ďThere is more than one.Ē He said ďThis is a group of people. Youíre ****ed! You need to call the police.Ē My brother tried to call the number the stranger had given me previously it was invalid. I called the cops.

Surprisingly, they came over pretty fast (about an hour). We tried to give them the tape in the tape machine, but it ripped when we pulled it out. We told the cop everything. He said someone has to call way more than that to be considered harassment, he said the guy didnít break any laws. But we kept telling him about everything he was saying. He talked a lot about a certain religion and a certain town - he said a lot of details about certain things (I really donít want to give too much information - still scared - ok feeling a bit braver now details can be found at the end of this story). The cop started listening a little more intently - he said he would have patrols come around all tonight and to call if we see anything suspicious.

My brother was leaving again. I begged him to stay but he said he met a girl that night and that he was going back to the party to be with her (they later married). Thankfully, my friend said she would spend the night at the apartment with me but that she had to go to work in the morning. I didnít sleep one wink that night. My friend left in the morning.

Maybe it was all just an idle threat? The day after that I see the stranger on the news in handcuffs. They found them camping out on the outskirts of town. He was part of a religious cult, that had killed a family. This group of people were making their way to Mexico, I think they just wanted my apartment - it was situated in a place where you had a very good view of people coming and going, and the entrance was pretty hidden, so that no one could see you coming or going ó not really sure. I was never questioned further by the police. He is now serving a 50 years to life sentence in prisonÖand I no longer open the door for strangers.

The name of the man I allowed into my apartment was Daniel David Kraft (I still remember the alias he gave me - he said his name was Michael DeBorn.)

If you are interested I have provided a link that gives more detail about the cult members and what they are accused of: Kirtland cult killings: Timeline of events

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-mo...e-done-and-why

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