What are some of the most corrupt airports?

When I traveled abroad for the first time, I was going to Egypt.

After I landed in Cairo Airport, the immigration officer asked me ‘Is it your first time traveling abroad’ (looking at the only visa in my passport).

I said, ‘Yes’.

After 2 minutes, she said, please wait in the waiting area.

I kept waiting for 2 hours and gradually she left. Now, I was the only person in the entire terminal building apart from a sweeper who was cleaning the terminal.

After half an hour (2.5 hours of waiting), the sweeper comes to me and asks ‘Passport, passport?’.

I said ‘Yes, I have been waiting for 2.5 hours’.

He said ‘Come to me’. (took me to to the men’s toilet)

He says ‘100 Dollars’.

For one moment, I was shocked. Looking at how corrupt the system was.

I had 1000 thought in my mind.

But I thought it’s better to be practical.

I started bargaining.

Back then, 1 USD was equal to 6 Egyptian Pounds i.e. 100 USD = 600 EGP.

So, I started bargaining and we settled down at 30 Egyptian Pounds. (Yes! I did a lot of drama)

Then, he agreed and said ‘Wait for me. I will tell you when you have to come to me’

In the mean time, he got me my luggage since it was the only bag on the luggage belt and the entire terminal was empty.

After 15 minutes, he was standing at the immigration counter and created a sound to call me near him, holding my passport in his hand.

Well, I don’t know what came to my mind.

But, suddenly, instead of taking out money from my wallet, I started walking towards him.

By the time I reached the counter, he opened the gate.

I start to find the visa page.


That was the fastest I have ever run.

The terminal was relatively small and it took me nearly 5 seconds to exit the terminal from the immigration counter with the passport in my hand.

When I was running, I saw the security guards looking at me, near the exit, but by the time they could stop me, I was already outside the terminal.

Oh my god! It still gets me goosebumps every time I think of that incident.

EDIT 1 - Since a lot of people are saying that running away was a bad idea. Let me explain - Why pay money and why be scared when I did not do anything wrong? It was incredibly stupid for me to pay any money (let alone $5) to get my passport. It is my right to get the passport when I haven’t done anything wrong. If the government department wanted charity, they could have simply kept a box for money collection, I would be happy doing that instead over someone asking me for a bribe in a case where I have followed each and every rule/law and didn’t do anything against the law.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-...rrupt-airports

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