What is the most painful method of execution in history?

I would say the punishment for treason in the United Kingdom until 1867, known as drawing and quartering. It was horrifically painful, and it was supposed to be. Do not be caught for treason in the UK (see this article from the people behind the Encyclopedia Britannica for more historical information drawing and quartering | punishment).

Basically what would happen is they would be hanged (not until death), disemboweled (your guts cut open and spilled) and possibly burned (but not enough to kill you immediately). Then, if you were lucky…you would have your head cut off. If you were not, and even if you were…but at least you wouldn’t be alive for it, you would be drug over to the horses. One would be tied to each of your limbs and set off. Slowly but surely your body would be ripped into 4 chunks. Thus, the reason it was called ‘quartering’.

If you were unlucky enough to not be hanged until you were dead, bleed to death before they could finish, or be beheaded and only died during the quartering…that was the most painful method of execution in history. At least that I am aware of. The Vikings had a decent comparable punishment in the ‘blood eagle’ and the Romans had crucifixion. However, if you limit it to the modern era (you know…within 300 years)…the British win.

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