My answer might surprise you, but I think most Israelis (me included) might agree upon close examination.

Israel fears itself more than any other country in the world.

The reasons for this are all based on the religious trends within Israel towards Jewish Theocracy.

The average birthrate amongst Religious nationalists is 6 children per household.
The average birthrate amongst Religious Fundementalists is 10–12 children per household.
The average birthrate amongst the completely non religious is 2.1 children.
Israel already has powerful theocratic elements built into its governmental system.
The Chief Rabbinate directly determines Jewishness, Validates Marriages, controls Jewish Holy sites, and certifies Restaurants.

Indirectly the Chief Rabbinate has an enourmous input into immigration and education.
The chief Rabbinate has the power to enforce its sphere of influence via the police and Keneset.
The religious parties number at 33%-40% of the Kenneset (Israeli Parliament) if the nationalist religious party factions of Likud and Jewish home are included.

Israel theocratic elements have grown much more militant in recent years, but rather than revolt they have joined the army.

Israel has a completely Jewish Religious set of military units within its military.
The nationalist religious factions within the general populace are the fastest growing politically active groups in Israel amongst the non-religious and imigrant groups.

Most Israelis do not want a theocratic state of any type in Israel. They fear a “Jewish” Iran-like State. However, in practice most Israelis vote for the governmental elements that will lead Israel towards some type of moderate theocracy within the next two to three election cycles.

Incidentally the Israeli government is terrified of this. What this will mean in practice is another Arab-Israeli war over The Temple Mount. The truth is most countries will complain, but only the Arab countries will declare war. That is the fear.

I would go so far as to say that this fear is the reason Israel has moved comunities around, harassed certain internal Jewish groups, and pandered towards the Fundamentalist Religious elements. To hold off the inevitable theocratic government that it will become and when it does become theocratic to keep it as moderate as possible.

The truth is most people in Israel see the establishment of modern Israel as the begining of of the longed for prophecy of return from exile that is welcomed. The prophecy that is feared is the following prophecy, that the exiles return to the active practice of Jewish law.


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