The first 2–3 years are great. You are amazed at the buildings and the sea, the desert, the culture, the safety, the cleanliness, etc…Then you might start seeing beyond that and find a few things that you do not like that much. Then the whole: “why are we here? how long are we staying? where are we going next?” sets in.

I believe for as long as you find a bigger purpose for living in Dubai you really enjoy the city. A purpose that goes beyond your every day grind and home life, sports for example, or travelling or being engaged in local cultural events and charities, having children, etc…

Boredom, like Hamed mentioned, is a problem as Dubai lacks the environmental stimulation greener countries offer BUT you can go camping in the desert, go for a swim in the sea, or a run in the morning. I have written a list about the misconceptions about Dubai that might help you get a better insight into what the city has to offer when you live there.

Csilla Emmet's answer to What are some misconceptions about Dubai?

How you feel living in Dubai greatly depends on what your expectations of the Emirate are and how they are met.


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