People would wonder how America got so good at maintenance and logistics that they could have all 18 ships and battle groups in one place. It is incredibly hard to make sure that all are ready at one time. At all times at least half the fleet is docked for maintenance.

But in all seriousness, that would mean all out war with China. it would cause a global economic depression, millions would die in the war and both countries will take significant hits to their navies, but China would take the brunt of the ground military casualties because the war would be fought near China, while the U.S. is isolated thanks to missile defence systems set up during the Cold War.

If it went nuclear however, it would end the world as we know it. While some may survive in the U.S. (China has ~200 nukes), it would be near impossible for anyone to survive in Southeast Asia and China (US has about 6000 nukes) but regardless it would end all economic systems and cause mass famines.

Everyone dies.


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