Religion is one of the causes of big problems Nigeria is currently facing.

When a preacher berates other religions, when they verbally attack other religions, what should you expect?

Someone preaches: There are rewards for terrorism; Jesus is a thief, a liar, a fake person; Bible is false, etc., what do you expect?

When someone preaches: Muhammad is a killer; Islam is rubbish, Quran is fake, etc., what would you expect?

What is my business with that? How can that improve my life? Was I there when all these were happening? Can that put food on my table?

Clerics whose sermons foment hatred should be arrested. They are the ones planting seeds of terrorism in the hearts of innocent and ignorant followers/people.

Why donít religions leaders show their followers how to live a better life, improve their lots in life and please their Creator? What do they expect to gain when they waste their time, energy and resources denigrating other religions?

Whether Moslems or Christians, does it matter. Preach peace. Preach peaceful co-existence among neighbors. Let people know that life is precious. Inculcate spirits of forgiveness, tolerance and love in people.

If all Islamic and Christian clerics/leaders/preachers encourage their followers to be responsible citizens and love their fellow human beings as themselves, the world would be a better place.

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