I get text messages from the FBI on occasion. I also get them from the CIA. More frequently, the Internal Revenue Service texts me and leaves me a detailed message explaining why the FBI and CIA are after me.

Apparently, my tax professional has improperly filed my taxes. Now I am in danger of going to jail! The only way to save myself from doing time behind bars is to text back my bank account information and credit card numbers.

If you are getting text messages from the FBI, the CIA or the IRS you're more than likely being phished. It's a scam. Does your text say the FBI seized money and you could get a share of the money if you send a prepaid shopping card? That one went around for awhile. Also, the famous malware with the FBI warning or “ransomware” type virus which locked up computers last season. Once that file was opened, it demanded a ransom to unlock your frozen computer. I don't know if this worked via text message, though. Don't call the number back. Block them and delete.

Believe me, if you're in trouble with the FBI they are going to knock on (or knock down) your door without warning. They aren't going to send you a text message.

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