Well, one contender would probably Poland. Oh boy, how often this country got invaded. What a shitty geostrategic position it occupies. At a time it was surrounded by three great powers - Prussia from the West, Russia from the East and Austria from the South. And these powers ended up swallowing Poland whole. It took the poor Poles 120 years to get their own state again. Not even twenty years the Germans and the Nazis knocked the door in again and steamrolled through the country.

The country occupies a major part of the Central European plains. And thatís exactly where the problem lies: plains. There is no natural barrier that could hinder anyone from accessing Polish territory, except for a small mountain range in the South.

It is also this type of geography which made the German Blitzkrieg possible. German panzer faced very few natural obstacles from the then German border to the then Soviet Union. Within a few weeks they managed to cross the country in its entirety, despite the Polish Army putting up quite a fight.

So, yeah, my nomination goes out to Poland.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Which-is-the-e...ntry-to-invade

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