I am an average US citizen living abroad and wanted to write a letter to the Commander In-Chief, telling him my personal opinion and other information regarding the current policies. Do you think its a waste of time?

Does he actually respond or does he have a generic draft that he sends out to his fans?


I invited the President and First Lady to my wedding. A friend had given me the idea, as she had previously done the same.

My husband was a bit surprised the Monday after our wedding to receive a cardstock letter from a White House mailing address congratulating us on our nuptuals, with an automated Obama and FLOTUS signature.

I had written to the president inside the invitation, but had no expectation of my heartfelt note being chosen in the letter lottery. I was fully expecting an automated response, but the dream was nice, and totally worth my cost in postage.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama didnít send their RSVP info back, but Iíll let them slide.

Iím mostly sad that the Secret Service didnít come to the wedding. Imagine how interesting parking would have been, blocking off multiple streets, a press corp at our 50 person wedding!

Michelle Obama would have totally outshone me as the bride, but I wouldnít have minded one bit as we lit up the dance floor together.

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