Think about it, 620,000 soldiers died! Donít you think the sitting president of the most American deaths could have been a better diplomat? Barring what the issues were it seems like there could have been a better way. The Union won because of money and population more than any great strategy.

Answer: The Confederates shot first. It was not an accident, not a unit that went rogue, and not short-lived. They kept it up for days. When a ship arrived to relieve the United States soldiers they were shooting at, they shot at it too.

Was there an apology? Reparations? Punishment for those who fired on Fort Sumter? None of the above.

Abraham Lincoln was bound by his oath. He came into office prepared and willing to negotiate. The traitors did not give him the chance. There was nothing else he could do.

Don't shoot at American soldiers. Ever. You will be made to regret it.