Does USA create wars in Africa as a mean to sell all the guns it manufactures?


African wars almost never use US-made guns.

African wars also rarely use newly manufactured guns.

This is a Kenyan security officer and the piles behind him are guns confiscated from smugglers. Look closely - they are all old, some probably qualify as antique.

Most common gun in Africa is the AK rifle and itís variants. US production of AK type guns is small scale and fairly recent, and those guns are not sold outside US. The guns in African wars are usually from government arsenals, either stolen, or sold by corrupt officials.

Africa isnít all half-naked tribesmen in the bush. There is industry there. Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, and Zimbabwe all have some form of small arms manufacturing. This is just off the top of my head, I am probably missing some other countries.

Soviet Union armed many African countries there back when it existed. These guns are still around.

If a faction in a war has enough money to buy some new guns, they can also turn to China, or one of a few Eastern European countries who still produce new AK/AKM guns and their variants in significant quantities.

Source: ​QUORA