Do hitmen really exist in America or just in the movies?

I ask because I recently saw the movie ď CollateralĒ with Tom Cruise. It is a very fun movie, but was not sure how realistic it was.

Hitmen are mostly average looking people, otherwise they couldnít blend in the crowd before and after the job is done.

And there's nothing sexy, cool or glamorous about their job, they might make good money for what they do, but chances are, they donít live in luxurious mansions and have private jets and personal assistants. They live normal and lower-than-average lives, so no one suspects of them, specially FBI, police, Interpol, etc.

Also, basically any crackhead living near your house can become a hitman if your just pay them money or drugs for killing someone.

Yes, they exist. After I retired from my real job, I sold dirt for a Builder in the form of houses to be built. Our closing attorney was awesome and cool, or so we thought, until he was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his wife. Even really smart people can be dumb, I guess. No, not guess, I know.

NB: If your spouse is murdered, or if someone attempted to murder the spouse, then you, as the other spouse, did it. I donít care if you didnít do it, you still DID IT, as you will be the #1 suspect. Donít kill or try to kill your spouse, you wonít get away with it.

Source: QUORA