I loved the old Nancy Reagan"Just Say No!" campaign. Here's a short list of thingsI say no too. * Just say no to geneticallyengineered foods. * Just say no to compulsorymicro-chipping of your pets,farm animals and children. * Just say no to bogus vaccinationcampaigns And there is no more bogus one then the drive to have all pre-teen girlsinjected with some junk calledGardasil. If you have daughters or thereare young girls in your extendedfamily, this video you must watch: Pushing Gardasil - Brasscheck P.S. When we first posted this onBrasscheck TV last winter, this wasa non-story. Now the vaccination casualties arestarting to appear. Inform yourself and your friendsand families. - Brasscheck P.S. Please share Brasscheck TV e-mails andvideos with friends and colleagues. That's how we grow. Thanks.