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    Default Bennett's Comments

    Yesterday on his radio program, former Education Secretary William Bennett made a provocative comment. The comment was "If you aborted all African-American children the crime rate would decrease."

    As it stands the statement is an abomination. However, the statement preceding by the caller was that there would be no Social Security crisis if there were no abortion. The gravemen was that if there were more young people, the taxes which they would have paid into the SS system would keep it liquid for many years.

    Bennett was making a point that any abortions should not be opposed on financial or "racial" basis. Rather that aborions should be opposed on moral grounds. Following the above statement, Dr. Bennett stated that that was an impossible and grevious solution.

    Bennett was trying to show how ridiculous the caller's point was. The syntax may have been unfortunate, but as a matter of fact the statement is true. At present the African-American population of the US is about 12% and there are over 40% African-American population in jails and prisons in the US.

    It is not my point to argue why those figures are true. It is also not my point to take one side or the other on the abortion issue. It is my point that the hard left has taken only the statement, out of context, and not his point.

    Bill Bennett, his wife and Secretary and Mrs. Colin Powell have worked very hard for several years to encourage all children to earn a high school education and to avoid premarital sex. He is not a racist despite what what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton may say.

    And neither am I. I wrote this myself. This not a cut and paste from a site with a point of view.

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    Default If I May Add...

    Shamrock's Missive:

    Sad as we are to report, as the death toll mounted from the
    aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, chaos and lawlessness hampered the
    rescue and evacuation of people in New Orleans during late August
    and early September. State and local officials struggled to reverse
    the anarchy as armed looters roamed the streets, bodies floated
    untouched in stagnant floodwaters, and food and water supplies were
    little or nil for thousands of trapped and desperate people.

    Goes to show that even with martial law declared, when events
    overwhelm the powers to be, or the population gets angry or worked
    up enough about something, there isn't much the authorities can do
    about it except start shooting or bring in massive numbers of troops
    to quell looters and the rioting or until matters simmer down of
    there own accord.

    Whilst watching "ABC World News This Weekend" in early September,
    they showed footage of a black family being rescued from some
    highway above the waters and put on a military helicopter. Before
    the family was allowed inside, everyone was frisked, including a
    little boy that was around ten years old! ABC assured TV viewers
    that your military leaders insisted this was necessary.

    Yes Shamrock readers, everyone standing politely by and waiting
    to be rescued needs to be treated like a criminal and frisked.

    Was there one example of someone asking to be rescued who then
    turned on their rescuers? No. Is there anyone who thinks a little
    10 year old boy hungry and crying IS A SECURITY RISK? Who lifted
    the old people out of their wheelchairs so they could be frisked?

    Who frisks the bodies on the side of the road and floating in the
    water in case they've been booby-trapped? Who frisks the babies
    hungry for milk that might be swaddled in explosives? This is the
    final humiliation for these poor, abandoned people.

    Whist I'm thinking of it, ask yourself why the US main stream press
    didn't bother to report that martial law had in fact been declared
    in both Mississippi and Louisiana? I certainly didn't read it in
    any US newspapers, nor heard it on CNN or 'fair and balanced' Faux
    news. Interesting isn't it?

    Our hearts (and money) goes out to the victims of this disaster.
    However this sad event brought to mind the time when I first visited
    the united States (correct spelling) many years ago, during winter.
    Whilst on the east coast there was a terrific (snow) blizzard. One
    meter of snow fell in a few hours time, something I had never
    experienced previously or since.

    In any event the police couldn't get out on the streets to 'control'
    the crowds looting everything in site because the roads were blocked
    and covered in 2 feet of snow. However the TV news station's
    helicopters were flying about and showing live on TV hundreds, if
    not thousands of people, including very young children, looting
    stores, hauling off goods and services including TV's, stereo
    equipment and musical instruments. Live TV news coverage caught 4
    people, two men, a child around nine, plus an elderly woman, carting
    off a huge refrigerator.

    I was shocked, but not surprised. The something for nothing
    mentality had taken hold over Amerika long before that event.

    Fast forward 35 years and the TV coverage of the Hurricane Katrina
    debacle was alarming and in fact, outright racist! I must admit the
    footage of two Afro-American New Orleans Police Department ladies
    looting a Wal-Mart was priceless, but the sanctimonious and
    unmistakably racist tone of the (US) news correspondent was

    Stealing food and supplies necessary for survival is one thing in a
    catastrophe such as the recent hurricane in the US Gulf area. We
    don't condone such looting, but if it's a matter of survival then
    one must do what one must do for their loved ones. However, looting
    non essential merchandise is totally unacceptable and nothing but

    I was also in Los Angles in late April 1992, when the all white jury
    in Ventura County, California acquitted all four of the (white)
    police officers charged with using excessive force whilst subduing
    Rodney King.

    Within hours the serenity of a warm Los Angeles afternoon was
    shattered by violence. I missed my return overseas flight home as a
    result, and spent that time at the airport watching TV in horror, as
    Los Angles and even famous Hollywood burnt to the ground.

    Maybe it was a coincidence, but two trips to the US and two riots
    with looting and mayhem going on?

    Least you forget, 27 years earlier, again in Los Angeles, there was
    the Watts riots in 1965, and the rioting mayhem nationwide as a
    result of the 1968 murder/assassination of Doctor Martin Luther King
    Jr. as well.

    Amerika has had and still has a racist's problem. Minorities in the
    US and elsewhere vent their repressed anger during 'opportunities'
    like these events, man made or otherwise. Regrettably I predict
    that you haven't seen anything yet!!!

    God forbid; what would happen in the event a horrific and
    catastrophic event occurs, like some predict, i.e. a terrorist
    small nuke attack? What would and wouldn't happen? The
    consequences are nearly unthinkable. If New Orleans is any guide,
    certainly the authorities are not prepared for such an event. Even
    if they thought they were, it would be New Orleans, Watts, Rodney
    King and Dr. M.L. King, Jr. riots all rolled into one. A horror
    show would be a mild understatement of what would occur.

    The point of this missive is that in spite of your government's best
    efforts to protect and serve, the reality is they can't save you or
    your property when push comes to shove. They can't handle it.
    They're unprepared and unable to deal with the immediate events
    after a catastrophe strikes. This was true as well in London during
    the underground bombing attacks of July 7th, 2005. The authorities
    were and remain ill prepared and the public suffers as a result.

    YOU and only you must be able to defend yourself, your loved ones
    and your property.

    PT! - Prepare thoroughly.

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    Default The real point

    The real of this missive should be that each of us must prepare for disaster for ourselves. No government can provide everything for everyone. The hundred thousand or so who decided to stay in New Orleans despite being told that there was danger should have provided for the worst case.

    Secondly, Louisiana and more specifically New Orleans is segregated. The hiistory and reality is that Black folks have been kept down since the time of slavery. Governor Blanco took news people on a helicopter tour and showed them that her beach house had been destroyed. She also made sure that a causeway leading to the more affluent areas of the city was upgraded, lowering the priority of levee improvement.

    Help will come from the government, but no one will protect you as well as you will protect yourself. Everyone should have a plan and everyone should have provisions in case of emergency.

    Also, thanks for hijacking my thread with more of your cut and paste propaganda, rahly. Get a life.

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    Sorry,Flash:cut and paste,yes.Propaganda,NOT.If you want to see propaganda,just tune in to Fox News or CNN.Better yet,GWBer's press conferences and speeches.Not to mention the rest of the neo-con-men.
    Though it IS everyone's responsibility to prepare for the worst,the worst is going to get much worse,you ain't seen nothin'yet.That's the hard reality of it.And we are NOT prepared for it,let alone willing to prepare for it.
    As for help coming from the gov.,that's a laugh riot;the gov.'s shown its total incompetence in handling crises,though I tend to think the incompetence is intentional and the crises manufactured and fabricated;I mean,are our "elected" officials REALLY that stupid?
    Putting a former horse-show judge in charge of FEMA?Putting a former veterenarian in charge of women's medecine at the FDA?Putting a man with no prior experience whatso-ever in charge of counter-terrorism?And the list goes ON.Don't even get me started on 9/11.
    Amerika is ruled by a criminal cabal with no conscience and no good intention towards anyone but themselves.That's a matter of fact,not a matter of opinion or point of view.
    As for abortion,that's an abomination in and of itself;no-one should have the right to murder innocence,which is exactly what it is.I judge no-one,that's not my priviledge nor duty.We are going to pay dearly for that,not merely as individuals,but as a "nation".We're starting to pay for it now,though we don't see it for what it is.We're too arrogant.
    I mean,like,SHEESH!Wake up;we're being slowly BOILED.
    BTW,large caps used for emphasis only,no yelling here.
    I apologise for "hijacking" though.It wasn't my intention.It WON'T happen again.
    I'm gonna go get my life,now,if I can only remember where IT got hijacked.Thanks for the tip.

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    Didn't have enough threads of your own?

    What I see in this political forum is the predicted battle between the secularist and the Christian world view. Same as is waging in the U.S. right now. The battle that has been already lost in most of the world.

    The way you secularists think, is so foreign to me, I can't imagine possibly thinking the way you do. Am I right or wrong here, even though you have never given your views on abortion, may I venture a guess that Rahly, Mickey and discrete are pro-abortion, and Twicewise, flash and papabear are pro-life.

    The policy of abortion is so sickening to me, but evidently to others it is rationalized as a "choice" (some "choose" to kill unborn babies I guess).
    Why this polarized difference in thinking on this and many other policies? The difference in thinking in my life is that I have been reborn in Christ and my eyes have been opened to the truth of God's word by the Holy Spirit. George W Bush has also been reborn, therefore our thinking is guided by the same Holy Spirit, which must be why I agree with his position on many issues and probably why you guys so rabidly attack his positions.

    I see similar (to myself) thinking in twicewise and papabear. I may be wrong, but I would guess they are Christians as well.

    So I have learned not to expect rahly, mickey and discrete to understand my position, because I suspect you are the ones being deceived, and by something much more powerful than the US govt. I will pray that God will bring someone in to your life to share the gospel of Christ with you, wherever you are, It will change your life! So I ask you to be on the lookout for someone telling you about Jesus soon, and if they do I ask you to have an open mind as you already claim to have.

    Flash, kind of off subject, sorry.

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    Interesting, 12% Afro American, 40% in prisons. You know we have similar statistics here in New Zealand regarding our indigenous people the Maori, and I am pretty sure Australia has the same with their indigenous as well. Oh hang on the American indigenous were the Native Indians, so where are they??? Do you keep them on reserves to keep them out of prisons??? Are they segregated??? I see Afro American descendants in your congress are there any indigenous americans???

    You are claiming to be Christians, yet you talk about defending yourself against your own people, so which is it, turn the other cheek, help thy neighbour, do unto others as you would have them do to you, I am confused.

    Avcguy, you should actually read what your nemesis Rahly is saying I think you will find you are both batting for the same side.

    What scares me is you all go on about being good Christian Americans yet you allow so much hypocricsy. Wake up, please!!!
    You may be the most interesting person you ever meet.

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    Threads of my own?I didn't know I actually OWNED ANY threads.Just because I started them and was the only one who posted in them,means I OWN them?
    Anyone with a point of view,pro or con to mine,is welcome to post whatever they like in "my" threads.I have absolutely no objection whatso-ever.I thought this was a forum.

    I'm not at all a secularist.Nor am I born again,cuz that's a mis-nomer.I'm simply using secular news and views to illustrate what was prophecied thousands of years ago,concerning OUR nations,in OUR time.

    No-one has been born again,NO-ONE.GWBer sure hasn't.Remember,he is a "WAR PRESIDENT",who makes decisions and forms policies,with WAR on his MIND;think about it.His facade is merely that:a facade.He,like his cousin John Kerry,is "Skull and Bones",an offshoot of the "Order of Death",which was brought over from Europe in the late 19th century,and of which Adolph was a fervent believer/member.They worship and pay hommage to Moloch,an ancient Babylonian deity,a 45ft. stone owl,to which was offered human sacrifice,usually children offered up by their own parents.

    Those rituals still take place every July at Bohemian Grove,in northern California.You should probably keep that to yourself,though:it's really kinda hush-hush.You might wanna go check it out for yourself,even.You could hob-nob with the world's elite there,IF you can get past the security perimeter,and witness the ceremony for yourself;it sure is SOMETHING.Specially if you're into the occult and the maccabre.

    Remember:Babylon was a pagan empire,situated in what is now Iraq,that was renowned the world over for their unbridled cruelty.They invaded the State of Israel,destroyed their civilisation,their capitol,Damascus,took their treasures,enslaved the Israelites and took them captive to Babylon,hundreds of years before Christ.Notice,I said the State of Israel,NOT the State of Judah(Jews).THEY were safe because they kept their identifying sign;the State of Israel LOST theirs when their king changed the Sabbath from Saturday(Sabbato) to Sunday(day of the Babylonian sun-god).To this day,they still observe their sabbath on the Babylonian sun-god-worship day.

    Don't be fooled by propaganda,my friend.The elite all work for the same god;the god of the world,the god of Mystery Babylon,whose invisible tentacles reach all the way around the globe,NOT for the God of Israel.And certainly not for the American or British people.Their main job is to deceive,enslave and destroy,not just other peoples,but ours as well.That's what their power is all about;power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolutely.Fascism/Nazism is alive and well in our "benevolent behemoths".

    If you can't see it at all and there's no way to convince you,then it'd be pointless to argue about it.But I judge you not;it's not for me to do so.We can agree to disagree.

    And,thank you for interjecting,my dear Watson.Much appreciative."Your nemesis":that's really cool!First time I've ever been referred to as anything like that.And I've been called A LOT of things that I never was!LOL


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