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    Default Food For Thought

    Food for thought

    *** Are We There Yet? Fascism in America
    - Stew Albert

    Is America going fascist? Or has the cursed event already happened?
    It depends on your definition of fascism. What usually occurs in a
    fascist scenario?

    * Labor unions are weak and the right to strike is denied by law.
    In Bush's America, the unions and their solidarity are extremely
    weak. The right to strike is still permitted by law, but strikes
    seldom happen and when they do, as in the current case of Northwest
    Airlines, scabs are brought in and management and the White House
    collude about how best to crush the workers. A merging of giant
    corporations and the State is well along.

    * Civil liberties are declining in number and the right to assert
    them grows increasingly chancy. When the Patriot Act is combined
    with a variety of authoritarian laws passed during the Clinton
    administration and fanatics are placed in charge of the secret
    police, those who do speak out against the government must carefully
    watch their words. Much of what was once permitted to rebels is now
    against the law. Indeed, with secret trials, undisclosed prisons
    and torture, one may question to what extent the law actually still

    * The increasingly Draconian regime faces a weak, dispirited and
    divided opposition. America is almost a de facto one party state
    where the Democrats pay Bush the highest compliment by trying to
    imitate him. And many in the radical left and progressive movements
    (Cindy excepted) aren't able to go beyond silly sectarianism or
    tactical and organizational incompetence. - The rise and
    glorification of irrational philosophy. The current government
    assault on scientific thought in the name of Christian extremism and
    phobic nationalism easily fills that requirement. Additionally, a
    cultural war rages where authoritarian religious values deride and
    delegitimize their opponents as practitioners of decadence and

    * Fascism tends to be warlike and criminally aggressive. The
    invasion of Iraq combined with the flag waving, ultraviolence and
    official big lies does the trick. And the ongoing threats to Syria
    and Iran strengthens the case.

    * We usually find a "Duce" in charge. A character created by image
    manipulation and propaganda. Every attempt has been made to put
    Bush over as a triumph of the will cowboy hero who flies big
    airplanes and struts on flight decks in his special uniform. The
    effort to create a sneering superman hasn't completely worked
    because Dubya comes across as a little too dumb for the task.

    * Racism is usually part of the fascist mix. The post 9/11
    antidemocratic assault on Arabs and certain Muslim Asians combined
    with the panic and minute man vigilantism taking place on the
    Mexican border satisfies this similarity.

    * Free elections no longer take place although fascism may permit
    some stage managed electoral activity. George Bush was not elected
    President in 2000. The Presidential election was fixed in Florida.
    Doubts continue about the integrity of the 2004 election. There is
    authentic concern about the introduction of non paper trail computer
    voting. And Republicans are redistricting to assure their
    Congressional power.

    The leaders of this fascist construction have been following a
    successful right wing version of Gramscian analysis. They have
    gradually been building an authoritarian culture within the
    framework of ordinary civil society and have now reached a point of
    power where they have begun reconstructing the State.

    When making judgments about fascism's presence we should not just
    look at the final totalitarian model that developed in Europe during
    the 1930s. Fascism passed through various stages and wasn't born
    overnight in its final horrible form. And it's possible that
    America will never go the full route. It may even develop am
    Americo-fascism with a human face. But there is a difficulty with
    this speculation. The fascisms of Europe evolved in opposition to
    the rise of the proletariat and the challenge of socialism. Hence
    it included and corrupted certain aspects of socialism in its
    practice. It always contained an element of welfare state in its
    structure and defined itself as a middle way between liberal
    capitalism and socialism.

    American fascism is flowering in a post socialist era in which
    global capitalists feels fully free to bury the welfare state.
    Because of this historical circumstance, American fascism has within
    itself the potential for an unearthly collective barbarism.

    *** Even More Food for Thought!

    Democracy Is An Illusion
    Foreign Bankers Hold Our Purse Strings
    - Henry Makow

    A "Far Side" cartoon describes our innocence about democracy.

    A slave rowing a Viking ship puts up his hand and calls to the whip
    master: "Yoo-hoo! Oh, yoo-hoo... I think I'm getting a blister."

    Like this man, most people cling to the belief that our leaders
    represent our interests.

    "Yoo, hoo, Mr. Bush, you lied about Iraq having weapons of mass

    At an elite gathering, Bush peered under his lectern and quipped:
    "Where are those weapons of mass destruction?"

    A tiny cabal of international bankers chooses our "leaders". This
    clique, which subtly controls every significant facet of our society
    is gradually establishing an Orwellian global police state. Much of
    the ruling class has been duped to think they are building a better

    Prove it, you say?

    "The Naked Capitalist" by W.C. Skousen (available at & is yet another smoking gun. It is based on the
    revelations contained in Professor Carroll Quiqley's "Tragedy and
    Hope: A History of the World in Our Time." (1966)

    Quiqley, a Professor of History at the Foreign Service School at
    Georgetown University was a trusted insider who had access to their
    private archives. He felt the plot, which he supported, was too
    important to be kept hidden. However, shortly after publication,
    his book was taken off the market.

    Cleon Skoussen was an FBI agent for 16 years and the Police Chief of
    Salt Lake City for four years. His "The Naked Capitalist" distills
    the most shocking evidence from Quigley's daunting 1300-page book.

    At just 122 pages, "The Naked Capitalist" (1970) is a concise, lucid
    and absolutely convincing account of the international banker
    conspiracy. Historians who have largely ignored this material have
    betrayed the public trust.


    Quigley confirms that a network of banking dynasties has, in
    Skousen's words, "acquired a choke-hold on the affairs of
    practically the entire human race." According to Quigley, they
    include "Baring, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Selingman, the
    Speyers, Mirabaud, Malet, and above all Rothschild and Morgan."
    (Citations are from Tragedy and Hope, 51-52)

    Quigley confirms that, starting with the Bank of England in 1694,
    these dynasties organized themselves in a system of central banks
    that charge their respective nations billions of dollars in interest
    for the privilege of using currency backed by the nations' own
    credit. In other words, they have carried off a swindle of
    monstrous proportions.

    Quigley quotes William Gladstone who as Chancellor of the Exchequer
    said in 1852: "The government itself was not to be a substantive
    power in matters of Finance, but was to leave the Money Power
    supreme and unquestioned." (325)

    Put another way, a private credit monopoly controls the governments'
    purse strings.

    Able to create money out of nothing, they naturally grabbed as much
    of the world's real wealth as they could. Quigley writes about the
    formation of their American cartels: "The period 1884-1933 was the
    period of financial capitalism in which investment bankers moving
    into commercial banking and insurance on the one side, and into
    railroading and heavy industry on the other were able to mobilize
    enormous wealth and wield enormous economic, political and social
    power." (71)

    Indeed their representatives, the "Eastern Establishment" i.e. the
    Morgans and now the Rockefellers run the United States. (72) The
    principle mechanism is the Council on Foreign Relations.

    According to Quigley, the ultimate goal is "nothing less than to
    create a world system of financial control in private hands able to
    dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the
    world as a whole. This system was to be controlled the
    central banks...acting in concert." (324)

    Quigley confirms that the bankers have usurped mankind's collective
    instincts by financing the Socialist and Communist movements.
    Bankers love big government because the ultimate monopoly is the
    State. Through it, they take over their competition and control
    debt, resources, market demand and labor.

    Speaking of the Communist takeover of the US government in the
    1930's and 1940's, Quigley writes, "it must be understood that the
    power that these energetic left-wingers exercised was never their
    own power of Communist power but was ultimately the power of the
    international financial coterie." (954)

    In other words, millions of idealists committed to human brotherhood
    and equality were (and are) duped into advancing a totalitarian
    scheme to concentrate the world's wealth and power into the hands of
    the superrich. More savvy Leftists, Communists, Feminists and
    Globalists continue to prosper while unctuously pretending to serve

    The Money Power controls the debate and encourages gridlock by
    backing all shades of the political spectrum and marginalizing
    anyone who shines the spotlight on them. (Ever wonder why Noam
    Chomsky never mention international bankers and the credit system?)
    The media is controlled through direct ownership and advertising.

    Quigley writes: "To Morgan all political parties were simply
    organizations to be used, and the firm always was careful to keep a
    foot in all camps. Morgan himself, Dwight Morrow and other partners
    were allied with the Republicans; Russell C. Lewffingwell was
    allied with the Democrats; Grayson Murphy was allied with the
    extreme Right; and Thomas W. Lamont was allied with the Left."

    The Lamont family was "sponsors and financial angels to almost a
    score of extreme Left organizations including the Communist Party
    itself." (945)


    A small cabal of people who are not even citizens hold the financial
    purse strings of every nation.

    This goes a long way to explaining "globalization" and the push to
    one-world government. It explains the assault on race, religion,
    nation and family. The bankers want a homogenous world that offers
    no basis of resistance.

    It explains why in a time of supposed security danger, the southern
    border of the US is practically porous. The bankers want to
    undermine America's European character, which it perceives as a

    It explains the war on Iraq, and the fact that there is no
    opposition in the mainstream parties or press. This war desecrates
    a cradle of civilization and assails the religion of Islam. It is
    also an opportunity to create more debt and enrich the bankers and
    their corporate allies.

    It explains 9-11, the Patriot Repression Act and the phony "War on

    It explains the depraved mass media and stupefying education system.
    I could go on but you get the picture. We are kril at the mercy of
    a gigantic whale. At the very least, let's not waste energy
    thinking we live in a free and open society. Our democracy is a

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    Labor Unions Are A Thing Of The Past. Most Intelligent People These Days Know They Have No Use For Those Corrupt Unions In The Modern World

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    Quote Originally Posted by rothronsr
    Labor Unions Are A Thing Of The Past. Most Intelligent People These Days Know They Have No Use For Those Corrupt Unions In The Modern World
    Fur shur fur shur!

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    Default Perfect Storm

    The Perfect Storm
    - Joe Blow

    As I write this article, everything seems to be coming along quite

    Iraq is now a civil war, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission
    (BRAC) is as good as over, New Orleans is about to be hit with a
    Category 5 hurricane, Louisiana and Mississippi were declared
    disaster areas in advance of the storm, and FEMA is on full alert.
    Even the Red Cross is leaving town.

    The national housing bubble is deflating, the dollar continues its
    slide, interest rates are headed up, oil prices are over $70 per
    barrel, gas is over $3 a gallon in California, the Treasury just
    confiscated some very rare privately-held gold bullion coins, the
    summer slump is here, and much tighter bankruptcy rules go into
    effect on October 17th.

    Thousands of Americans are marching in the streets to protest the
    Iraq war, the war's tipping point was reached two weeks ago, D.C.
    pols are preparing to attack Iran, and the wildfire season is in
    full swing.

    California just had another large power outage, the drought in the
    Midwest has ruined most crops, Arizona and New Mexico have declared
    border emergencies, and Mexican drug lords control our southern
    border instead of the Border Patrol.

    The Army and Marine Corps are both exhausted, recruiting goals will
    not be met for the year, Bush's poll numbers are in a death spiral,
    the body bags are still piling up, and Cindy Sheehan has the
    attention of the world's media.

    Hawaii just fixed wholesale prices for gasoline, foreign central
    banks are sounding alarms, Greenspan is sounding the alarm, and now
    even conservative pundits are sounding alarms.

    Meanwhile, George Bush continues his five-week vacation. "Stay the
    course and prepare for more casualties. I must get on with my

    While some people think this is simply outrageous, the truth of the
    matter is that Bush has as much control over the approaching Perfect
    Storm as he has over Hurricane Katrina or events in Iraq or Iran :

    Bush has already done the only thing that he can do: sign a piece of
    paper to start the flow of federal tax revenue to the pending
    disaster in the bayou. When it's over, he will again do the only
    thing that he can do: fly over the devastation in an aircraft while
    making all the right noises.

    This is the best that the most powerful man in the world can muster?
    Actually, yes. Bush is powerless to control what is about to happen
    to this nation. While he still thinks that he can manufacture his
    own reality, he is about to receive another object lesson in
    humility. Reality therapy, isn't it great!

    The 9-11 anniversary is less than two weeks away. Stand by for a
    crisis. All indications suggest nothing but more bad news for
    September and October.

    If terrorists strike in September, it probably won't be until the
    12th, a Monday. Any attack will probably not occur on a weekend.
    You can anticipate a higher state of alert in September and maybe
    even martial law in the immediate vicinity of a strike. The dollar
    will be way down after the strike and gold will be up, but I do not
    expect a stock market crash because the bubble is in the housing
    market instead.

    (Several small strikes, several days apart would still have the
    desired effect.)

    The following sequence of events appears likely: terror strike
    (real, induced, or fabricated), national crisis, U.S. dollar crash,
    the Fed will raise interest rates to prop up the dollar, housing
    market crash, stock market slump, and a recession. The wild card is
    an October surprise (U.S. attacks Iran ).

    Come Thanksgiving, you will be thankful if you are over 40 too old
    to be drafted. (The good news is that the recession may solve the
    recruiting crisis in the short term.)

    I expect that all of the above may occur even with only a small
    increase in interest rates. The Fed-induced national housing market
    bubble has run its course, the mania is already over in some local
    markets, and it will only spread with more bad news, including the
    recent BRAC closure recommendations.

    In the past five years, millions of Americans spent the equity in
    their homes while also moving up, that "equity" will soon be gone
    for good. It will not be available for second mortgages, lines of
    credit, consumer spending, credit card debt reduction, paying
    monthly bills, putting food on the table, cash savings, buying gold
    bullion coins, or as investment capital for the stock market. It is
    as good as gone, it was never real in the first place, and soon the
    bills will be coming due. More reality therapy!

    The massive liquidity that the Fed made available to stimulate the
    economy following the tech crash is gone; it was consumed by
    Americans buying expensive toys, electronics, GM cars on sale, and
    homes that people will soon owe more on than they are worth.

    I expect a recession by the end of the year, early spring at the
    latest. If the Fed overcompensates (as is typical) by raising
    interest rates too much, a depression is also a distinct

    But don't expect to hear any of this from George Bush. What you
    will hear instead is a famous line from the 1978 classic movie
    "Animal House," uttered by a very young Kevin Bacon playing a
    student named Chip Diller in the final parade scene as all hell
    breaks lose. Bacon is standing on the sidewalk, wearing his Army
    ROTC cadet uniform, waving his arms, and attempting to calm the
    clearly panicked crowd by screaming, "All is well!" He turns around
    just in time to be trampled into the pavement by the fleeing crowd.

    This scene is about to be repeated, with Bush playing Bacon's part,
    and he will be just as successful as Bacon was in attempting to
    convince the crowd that all is well.

    As the Perfect Storm approaches, even former believers now recognize
    Bush's mantra as often-repeated propaganda from a pol who is clearly
    disconnected from reality, the same reality over which he believes
    he has control.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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