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    Default Will We Finally Wake Up?

    Who rules America?
    Who sets financial policy?
    Who inflates credit bubbles
    sending the prices of homes
    and other necessities spiraling
    ever higher?

    These questions are easily answered
    when you know a few facts.

    It ranks as the world's
    biggest open secret.

    Will we ever wake up?

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    'We' will never wake up. Only 'I' the reader can wake up. Focusing on the work of the 'illuminati' from a position of judgement, hate or anger is almost as bad as the masses denial. Sure, what you say is happening (and even worse things than that are been done!) but the only way to change the situation of the ruling elite keeping humans asleep is to observe it with non-resistance (psychologicaly) and focus on the good in your life, and the immediate NOW...Being. This disolves and transmutes negativity and the emotional need to control (resistance to what is) and in so doing also transmutes the outer world. The outer controling/negative rulers (illuminati) are external manifestations of 'my' dysfunctional mind.

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