Joe American
August 8, 2007

"Those who read, study and learn from history Form the foundation Of tomorrow's victories

Because they understand Where they've been And know where they are going." -- Joe American

Preamble: Did you read the "Declaration of Independence" or the U.S. Constitution since we last chatted? Probably not. But if you did, thank you.

Rome's Emperor's understood the importance of bread and circus'. The empire knew that if they kept their population in a perpetual state of war, provided cheap bread and offered the spectacle of the Roman Circus in the Coliseum, they could rule with an iron hand and no one would complain. It worked for nearly five-hundred years. Yet Romans thought themselves "free."

Today, the grain provides cheap beer instead of bread and the "circus" has become television. Just like Imperial Rome, Imperial America has been in a state of perpetual war since 1861. The Civil War, the "Indian wars", Spanish-American War, World War One, World War Two, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Gulf War One, Gulf War Two, and the War on Terror. Then there were uncounted mini-war interventions around the world. For good measure, we also had the War on Poverty and the Drug War. Always it seems, there is room for more war, because war is good for distracting people. It adds to the "circus" atmosphere.

Roman Bread and Circus's and perpetual war.

American Beer and Television, and perpetual war.

My-oh-my, how little really changes in this world.

Let's look at another example of repeating history.

The National So******t German Workers Party, better known to history as the Nazi Party, came to power on January 30, 1933 when Adolph Hitler was sworn into office as Chancellor of the German Weimar Republic. Twenty-eight days later, the Reichstag (The names of Germany's congressional building and Congress), was destroyed by a deliberately set and very fast moving fire.

The day after the fire, the German press was printing headlines that sound ominously similar to today's headlines: "This act of incendiarism is the most monstrous act of terrorism carried out by Communists in Germany" and "The government is of the opinion that the situation is such that a danger to the state and nation exists."

Thirty days after that, the Reichstag passed the "Enabling Act" which gave Hitler the authority to rule by decree. He was now a dictator.

How fortuitous for Herr Hitler that a simple minded, homeless Dutch drifter named Marinus van der Lubbe was found near the Reichstag soon after the fire was put out. Van der Lubbe had past ties to the Communist Party and eventually confessed to setting the fire, but historians disagree as to whether his confession was freely offered or delivered under torture. But what is known is that near military grade incendiary fuel was used throughout the Reichstag to burn the building quickly to the ground.

Where would a homeless, foreign drifter get that type of incendiary fuel? How did he get inside this important Government building late at night? Why did he wait for the police to arrest him before the fire was even put out? Was it just fantastic police work?

And if van der Lubbe's confession was the result of torture, who really started the fire?

The Reichstag fire was the excuse Hitler and the Nazi Party used to declare a State of Emergency in Germany that lasted until Russian troops entered Berlin in 1945. Hitler called upon the patriotism of all Germans to support what needed to happen to save the "Reich." What was needed, according to Chancellor Hitler, was for Germans to relinquish their constitutional freedoms, to allow the harsh measures necessary for the State to be able to act in a unilateral manner, to find those people responsible for Germany's troubles and bring them to (German) justice. Sound familiar to anyone?

Let's look at recent American history and see how things have taken a dramatic turn for the worse here at home during the past 15 years. In particular, since 1993 Americans have watched a steady stream of events that bode an ill wind. We have seen the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City. We have also watched Federal authorities burn down a Texas church, cremating the 76 men, women and children inside it, and witnessed the assassination of a young Ruby Ridge, Idaho mother, shot in the head by a Federal sniper, while she stood in the doorway of her home, holding her infant child and posing no threat to anyone. That sniper received a commendation for bravery. The trend is not good and getting worse.

Let's take a look at Tim McVeigh, convicted and executed for the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh was "caught" by lone Oklahoma State Trooper Charles J. Hanger after he was stopped because his vehicle didn't have a license plate. McVeigh had a fully loaded semi-automatic pistol in a shoulder-holster when he was taken into custody without resistance by this lone Trooper, on an isolated rural road.

Starting to sound familiar? Again, what fantastic police work! Once more, yeah, right.

Let Me ask you these questions:

-If you were smart enough to build a bomb and could destroy a steel reinforced modern American concrete building, would you drive away in a vehicle without a license plate?

-If you were cold hearted enough to have just detonated a bomb, destroying a Federal Building, killing 168 people, would you allow yourself to be taken into custody on an isolated road by a single police officer, when you could just have easily shot him and driven away?

Either McVeigh had nothing to do with the bombing or he was part of a larger plot and thought he was going to be held until his control agent got him released. Since he was executed, if he was an agent, his trust was misplaced. If he was not involved, his trust in the American legal system was misplaced.

McVeigh was considered John Doe number one in this case, Terry Nichols was John Doe number two. But what ever happened to the three other men seen, in now missing video surveillance tapes from neighboring buildings, walking away from the Ryder truck that housed the bomb? Didn't hear about them? Wonder why.

Some suggest that the government was involved in a conspiracy, even planned the attack in order to justify persecuting right-wing organizations in a manner similar to Nazi prosecutions of left-wing political parties after the Reichstag fire. Terry Nichols maintains to this day that McVeigh was being directed by high ranking FBI agents.

In 1995, demolition's and explosives expert Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (Ret.) issued an exhaustive analysis of the destruction to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. From the General's report:

"The media and the Executive branch reported that the sole source of the devastation was a single truck bomb consisting of 4,800 pounds of ammonium nitrate, transported to the location in a Ryder Truck and parked in front of the building. It is impossible that the destruction to the building could have resulted from such a bomb alone.

"To cause the damage pattern that occurred to the Murrah building, there would have to have been demolition charges at several support column bases, at locations not accessible from the street, to supplement the truck bomb damage. Indeed, a careful examination of photographs showing the collapsed column bases reveals a failure mode produced by demolition charges and not by a blast from the truck bomb."
And then there is the curious absence of FBI agents in the building, along with all their children being absent from the day care that was destroyed in the explosion. All the agents and all their kids did not show up for work or school on this particular day? Makes me curious why. What about you? I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

The 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, every bit the symbol of American economic power and freedom, much the same as the Reichstag was a symbol of German political freedom, succeeded with dramatic results, killing 3,000 people.

The destruction of the World Trade Center also occurred soon after George W. Bush was sworn into office as President, and also provided a pretext for changing the nature of our government in much the same manner as Chancellor Hitler changed Germany.

Even if you believe it was a group of determined foreign nationals who succeeded in flying those planes into the twin towers, how is it that a modern superpower like the United States was caught so completely off guard?

What about all of the reports from various foreign or alternative intelligence services and news sources that claimed the FBI, CIA, NSA, among others, indeed had advanced knowledge of not just of a plot, but specifically of this plot to attack these buildings? Why was nothing done? Why has no one been held accountable for, at the very least, bad judgment in burying these reports?

Instead we got the USA Patriot Act, or as I like to call it, the "Death of Freedom Act." Anyone remember the circumstances and speed with which this law make it through Congress?

Forty-six days after the September 11, 2001 attacks, with virtually no discussion by Congress, this Act was passed into law. Anyone who has ever had any experience with how things work in Washington, D.C. knows that this "Act" could not possibly have been written in response to the attacks in New York.

That means it was already written and waiting, before the attacks occurred. Think about what that means. Don't believe it? Okay, so don't believe me. Go check out the facts for yourself. Go online and search the words "patriot act" and see what comes up.

And lest we forget, the USA Patriot Act's follow-up, "The Real ID Act," is set to go into effect on January 1, 2008. Cap both of these off with Public Law 109-394 "The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" and you have everything in place for a Presidential declaration of Martial Law. In simple language, dictatorship, right here in America.

It took 30 days after the Reichstag fire for Hitler to be given dictatorial power by German Legislators. It took just forty-six days for Congress to give it to George W. Bush.

The USA Patriot Act identifies/creates the justification, the Real ID Act provides the tracking tool and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act provides both the authority and the funding for this act of total aggression against the American people.

What I am telling you is real. It is happening right now and if you ignore it, you do so at your own peril.

This is not a time to mince words. This Republic does not have much time left. Those of us who see what is happening must reach out to our fellow citizens and do whatever we can to raise their awareness of this pending disaster. But we face a tremendous problem. That problem dear reader is you. But as I said in Part One of this article, you still have a chance to make a difference, but it won't be easy.

The good news is, since you have read this far, it must be for some reason. You are now either very angry at me, or you have become very afraid of your government. Of course you could also be scoffing at everything you have just read, which would indicate to me that you are very tired and probably need to lay down.

If you are mad at me, good. At least you can still get mad. Now you can make a true choice for yourself. Like I said earlier, prove me wrong. Use the internet. I used for my source information. Look up these issues yourself and prove to everyone that I'm just a nut.

You will have to use our mind to do so, and that too is good. Just maybe you will learn something about the world you live in. And then maybe you can become a person who will make a difference.

On the other hand, if your are afraid of your government, good. You should be. I am. But don't you see, that is not the way any American should feel? If you are so afraid of your government that everything I have told you is not enough to convince you to become involved with other people whom you trust to talk about these issues, then nothing ever will.

But if you are so moved, don't wait too long. This country has only until the next "terrorist" incident until the velvet glove comes off the iron fist Congress gave to the President and the Executive Branch of Government when it passed the three anti-American Acts I've listed above.

The only reason these extra-constitutional authorities are needed, according to President Bush, is for Americans to temporarily relinquish their constitutional freedoms, to allow the harsh measures necessary for the Federal Government to be able to act in a unilateral manner, to find those people responsible for Germany's (oops, I meant America's) troubles to bring them to (German) justice.

It sounds very familiar to me, but then I read history books.

Oh yes, if you are still sound asleep, good night.

Noblesse oblige; Veritas vos liberabit

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