To watch this video you have to have an open mind. It might be offensive to some people, so if you have weak constitution don't watch it. It is also two hrs long.


This is a long one.

And the downloading/streaming problems
are almost certain to drive you mad.

But do it anyway.

(Over one million people have downloaded
this nearly two hour movie in the last
40 days without any advertising.)

This is a full blown film complete
with a long, artistic opening sequence,
but when it finally gets down to
business, it gets to the heart of
the key issues with great force.

If I were to sum up the problem
of the "modern" world with one
sentence, it would be this:

We are choking to death on myths
and propaganda.

This film "Zeitgeist" challenges our
core myths like no other film I know.

You're going to need a fast Internet
connection and for Google Video to
be in a good mood to watch it on
the first go.

Otherwise, let the film download
entirely first and then watch it.


- Brasscheck

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