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    Default Bush vows immigration bill will be signed

    BUSH the DECIDER says the "amnesty illegal immigration bill" WILL Pass!!!!

    The "decider in chief" as spoken.... The people of the USA will get another amnesty bill for illegal immigrants whether they want it or not.... If that isn't enough to make most Repukes,Dems; and Indys very suspicious of this bill I don't know what is....
    Reagan pulled one over on us with all the same promises, and now Bush is going to pull the same stunt and it will result in more failed enforcement, more cuts in wages for American citizens, higher taxes, and most of all another larger wave of illegal immigrants. Those who gain will be Bush's base of "haves". Those who lose will be the Democratic base of "have nots"... So i'm wondering why does Ted Kennedy support it?



    At a news conference with Parvanov, Bush’s comments on immigration reflected his determination to pass a bill to give millions of unlawful immigrants a path to citizenship. It is a top priority for the remainder of his presidency, but a fragile bipartisan compromise on the issue has unraveled.

    “Now, it’s going to require leadership from the Democrat leaders in the Senate, and it’s going to require me staying engaged and working with Republicans who want a bill,” Bush said.


    linky...Bush: Immigration bill will pass - Bush in Europe -
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    Exclamation Selling out America

    I don’t think the latest Immigration Bill has a chance of passing! There is just NO way the American public will allow such a bill to go through. The Congressmen that have submitted it I doubt will see another term in office.



    Amnestia Disgrace 2007

    Passage of the infamous Immigration Amnestia II by the U.S. Senate will soon thereafter spell the end or our Democracy as we know it. Any U.S. Legislator who votes to legalize-eventually-30 to 40 million anonymous criminal aliens who have invaded this country to plunder its benefits-AFDC, SSI, Food Stamps, Education, Health Care, Rent Subsidies, WIC, In Home Care, etc, is unwittingly committing treason against the law-abiding, tax-paying, U.S. citizenry and our beloved constitution.

    Rather than giving these illegal criminals a free pass to America’s bounty, they should immediately close the “anchor baby” citizenship ploy created by the misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, by adding three words-“Of Legal Parentage”-which was the original intent of the Amendment. Consider the evolution of California’s society since the first Amnestia in 1986, and we can discern what lies in store for the rest of the country with the enactment of Amnestia II. The U.S. Immigration office in Los Angeles is still processing to this very day amnesty petitions from the 1986 amnestia(which was supposed to “close loop holes” while legalizing one million “hard working” illegals) to this very day!

    As was the case with amnestia I, every illegal that crosses the border for the next ten years, will claim that they were here since December 2006. Since illegal border crossers do not have barcodes stamped on their foreheads, how is INS to prove who was not here in December 2006. Maldef will certainly appeal on behalf of any applicant denied citizenship, so how will denying them citizenship get them out of the country? We can’t even successfully deport convicted murders/convicted cop killers. If California is a microcosm and a portent of this country’s future let us look at California Society pre 1986 and post 1986. Before 1986, California had only two hispanic mayors, no statewide no state wide political leaders, a handful of U.S. Representatives and fewer than 2000 gang members belonging to the 15th street gang and MS 13 did not exist. By 1992, both the state house and State Senate leaders were Hispanic; Hispanics were 25 percent of California’s U.S. delegation and the number of Hispanic gang members rose rapidly approaching 100,000 by 1996. By 2006, the number of California gang members had increased to more than 200,000. By both California law enforcement and FBI estimates, Californias State House and Senate are firmly in the control of Hispanics and but for the entry of Arnold into the political arena, California would have had the illustrious Cruz Bustamente as its Governor. And not only are corrupt California hispanic city governments too numerous to count, but this nations second biggest city elected an Hispanic mayor, now and forever more.

    Since Amnestia I, these illegal invaders have plundered Californias treasury, Educational system, healthcare system and judicial system to the extent that this once richest State in our union was brought to its knees to the verge of bankruptcy in 2000. To obtain an insight into the degree to which these invaders are plundering the U.S. taxpayer treasury, one need only chart the (fig) explosive increase in food stamp recipients since amnestia I, that coincidentally correlates exactly with the increase in the Hispanic population in California. If it were possible to examine in detail the surnames of new food stamp subscribers since 1986 (HHS) publicly published data was apparently discontinued in (1992) one would fined that more than 85% of new food stamp subscribers are Hispanic. Since an applicant for public assistance need not be a citizen, a legal resident, or even a non-criminal and can provide minimal amount of identification the Hispanic gangs are the most voracious feasters at the public trough, whos benefits are then used to fund the gangs various criminal ventures-***** trafficking-human trafficking-counterfeiting ID theft, “slip and fall” fraud, workers comp fraud, Etc. Passage of the Senate bill 1348 will spell the end of our two party constitutional democracy and of our constitutionally based government .

    (Artical Going Around)

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