check out #1.....

What are the odds that the two most prominent femmes fatales of successive Administrations share the same first name? But wait, the parallels don’t stop there! It’s kinda’ like those spooky Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences. OK … maybe not. You make the call:

10. Lewinsky is a Jew; Goodling hates Jews.

9. Lewinsky blew Bubba; Goodling “serviced” Dubya.

8. Lewinsky’s a brunette; Goodling ditches brunette to fit in with the “right-wing blondes.”

7. Both love high-fashion headwear — Lewinsky a beret; Goodling the Jesus crown of thorns.

6. Lewinsky: indiscretions enabled a political prosecutor; Goodling: indiscretions disabled apolitical prosecutors.

5. Lewinsky: comforted Bill. Goodling: “comforted” by Alberto the Shill.

4. Both avid readers — Lewinsky: Leaves of Grass; Goodling: would stick a Bible up your a$$.

3. Lewinsky: attended a real college, but no power as an intern. Goodling: attended a fake law school, but makes and breaks careers at Justice.

2. Lewinsky: Looking to party. Goodling: Looking to trash a Party.

1. Both have yelled out “JESUS” while in a kneeling position.