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    Default Congress should simply declare victory....

    i got this in an e-mail ... thought i'd share.....

    I now propose that the Congress unilaterally declare victory. This cannot be spun - like arbitray timelines can - as cutting and running or path to defeat or giving our enemies a timeline of our gameplan of withdrawal or any such nonsense............

    We simply say we won the game, take our ball and go home. We say "we've trained enough Iraqis to police the country, we've done our job, we win, bye bye."

    The Democrats have taken entirely the wrong tack in trying to end the war by pointing out its un-winnability. That stinks of defeatism and reality. People don't want that. Reality bites.

    Instead, they make their own gi-normous "Mission Accomplished" banner, drape it over the Senate, take a few pictures in front of it and declare the war in Iraq over, because we won it. Then you bring the troops home.

    The legislation hits the Presidents desk. He can either agree we won or veto it and say we lost or are losing and must continue fighting forever.......

    I now urge all of you to hit every blog, web portal, chat room, activist organization, an e-mail friends and foes and urge Congresss to declare victory now as the only sensible way to bring our troops home.....

    Heck, even President Bush is now doing something of the same.......

    The Bush administration is developing plans to "internationalise" the Iraq crisis, including an expanded role for the United Nations, as a way of reducing overall US responsibility for Iraq's future and limiting domestic political fallout from the war as the 2008 election season approaches.

    The move comes amid rising concern in Washington that President George Bush's controversial Baghdad security surge, led by the US commander, General David Petraeus, is not working and that Iran is winning the clandestine battle for control of Iraq.


    Bush may turn to UN in search for Iraq solution | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited
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    Just like a damn liberal tell ya what you want to hear. If their plan is not what the majority want s they change it even if it's not what they want.
    Just Waitin!!!!!!

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