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    Default Courtmarshaled lieutenent addresses audience on youtube (must see)

    YouTube - Lt. Ehren Watada on Citizen Responsibility

    Please watch this video. If you don't feel something after this young luitenent
    has spoken then there's something wrong with you. He speaks what we're all
    thinking and is willing to put his life and career on the line to say it for justice.
    We need people like him to run for president and get this country turned around.
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    Moving and a source for retrospect but caution is still needed as to judge WHO exactly have been doing something to provide peace somehow, somewhere and for so many others from being exposed to threats that needs to be confronted too, so you and allof us can proceed as we now go about in freedom... this is all related from confronting the enemy...somehow and by all willing to defend justice and freedom.

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