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    Default Yogi & His Separatist Movement

    Yesterday it was Reported in the Belgian News Agengy that Mr & Mrs Yogi with a hand full of Dutch Speaking Separatist declared there Independence from the rest of Belgium.

    Then it was discovered that they were involved in Singaporean HYIP with Corporate offices in Brussels and were merely trying to avoid the Belgian Tax System.


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    Default Kevin,

    Glad I stumbled across your login name on this forum. I've been searching for reasons why the FP site is apparently down as is the FP forum.

    Just in case it is on my end that is causing the difficulty I am enclosing the screenshot I got when attempting to go to FP website or forum.

    Do you know of any reason why the website should not be functioning? Any advice would be most appreciated.

    The error message I get is below and starts with [ERROR]...

    [ ERROR ] - Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.

    Error Time: 04:59 PM Sunday December 17th, 2006 GMT
    Error Details: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections
    Script Path: /home/fantasti/public_html/plexum/phpapi/class/sql.php
    Line No.: 26

    A copy of this error message has been sent to NicPlex® SmartSoft Service for a possible fix. To also inform the administrator of this site about this error message, please email [email protected].

    Thank you for your cooperation,
    NicPlex® SmartSoft


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    I beg your pardon there Blue....!????

    We offered King Albert of Belgium and esp. his Ferrari crazed son Prince Laurent (he bought 3 Ferraris in one single day!!!), to seek sanctuary by boondocking in our spare rig parked off the Zaventem Airport runway (should a qik departure becomes imminent)!!!

    Now, with leaks like this...none can be too safe for any get or hide away... with Blue and his Fantastic Payouts to paparazzis are just too much to hang on with another Plan rebate... so, WE CALLED OFF THE WHOLE mock up show.... a sell out that somehow pushed several Ministers frigid with fear...including the Defence Minister...luckily for us ALL, Belgium has no finger on that Red Button....!

    YB. Cheers to all that fell otherwise for it...!

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