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    Default This COULD BE The BIGGEST STORY NOT being covered by the Major CONTROLLED Media

    This COULD BE The BIGGEST STORY that's NOT being covered by
    the Major CONTROLLED Media!

    The Fate of America hangs in the balance on outcome of Ambassador Leo
    Wanta's pursuit of the truth and the exposure of trillions of dollars
    of offshore money being used by Bush Sr. and others to subvert and
    destroy America.

    Here are excerpts from the article...

    17 Aug 2006

    By Greg Szymanski

    The White House continues to stonewall repeated attempts to uncover who,
    what, when, where and why the $4.5 trillion Ambassador Leo Wanta
    settlement has been unscrupulously and illegally blocked.

    If the Wanta letters sent to the White House were not true, why hasn't
    he been charged with falsification and other serious felonies, as it is
    serious crime to misrepresent himself concerning $4.5 trillion?

    And what is even more troubling than the legal niceties is that even
    though the Wanta settlement has been documented and validated through
    public records and settlement letters forwarded to the White House,
    U.S. officials and their compliant media friends continue to try and
    hoodwink the public by arrogantly ignoring the story like the proverbial
    huge white elephant sitting smack dab in the middle of the living room.

    Although Ambassador Wanta has chosen to keep his eye on the "financial
    ball" while downplaying the personal hell he has lived through by
    standing up for "what is right," Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the
    corporation formed to handle the $4.5 trillion, said recently, the Wanta
    story and how it plays out may determine if America remains a free
    Republic or is finally turned into a dictatorship by the criminals now
    running the country who are arrogantly pilfering trillions of dollars
    through complicated offshore financial schemes.

    Cottrell added that "make no mistake about it," everything happening in
    the world wide financial community, including the Lebanese conflict, is
    related somehow to the Wanta settlement and trillions more hidden behind
    the scenes which eventually will come to light when the Wanta settlement
    is finally honored.

    Besides the $4.5 trillion negotiated settlement in May, Wanta has been
    declared legal trustor of more than $27.5 trillion in offshore funds
    amassed when he was instructed by President Ronald Reagan to destabilize
    the Russian currency at the end of the Cold War, which turned into a
    highly successful financial program beyond Wanta and Reagan's wildest

    But instead of using the money to strengthen America after Reagan was
    out of the picture, Bush Sr., Clinton and others devised a plan to use
    the money for their own underhanded purposes, jailing Wanta in the
    process, as they then created phony front companies and illegal trusts
    to use the money illegally.

    And now, according to Wanta, the same people are trying to undermine the
    latest deal signed, sealed and delivered between Wanta, his AmeriTrust
    Groupe, Inc., and U.S. authorities after negotiating the deal through
    influential law firms in New York and Georgia, as well as with the
    assistance of two federal court judges.

    Wanta claims the $4.5 trillion has been diverted and stolen with the
    complicity of high level officials, including the President of the
    United States, Secretary of the Treasury, Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the
    U.S. Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzalez, the Supreme Court and other high
    level officials.

    Furthermore, he claims financial institutions are illegally trading the
    vast sum of money with up to $200 billion a day being illegally earned
    instead of the money being used to better the American economy.

    Click the link to read the entire article and be sure to
    visit The TRUTH page on my website to find out how to listen
    to Greg Szymanski's program- "The Investigative Journal".

    The Arctic Beacon

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    Default Amazing

    While the story seems like a thriller, it may well be the real deal. However, in order to get the public's ear, you need to put some proof on the table. Comments of Wanta alone are not enough. Some tangible evidence needs to be put up to proof that this is the case, especially when so many appear to be involved.

    This would be more than a Tsunami, if someone could prove this.

    What does that little voice in your head tell you? Does it really surprise anyone?


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