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Thread: No More Scams

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    Default No More Scams

    I hope everyone has learnt a lesson from all this & has learned that ALL hyip, cyclers, gold games, or whatever you want to call them are ALL SCAMS!!!

    Stop wasting your money on this crap, even if you come out in front it means so many others have lost their money!!

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    jack1 don't agree with everything you said. Not everything is a scam.
    Yes that's true most hyips is a scam! Cyclers yes all are sxcams.
    Pips failed due to only bad management and fatal decisions.
    Bryan is responsible for failure of Pips.
    I remember report of consulting company and they said
    Bryan must restructure Pips now or it itn will collapse.
    I have this report and remember every word.
    Now we know they were right.
    Bryan never listened to their advices. Bryan should hire them few months before.
    His staff suggested that but Bryan never listened to anybody.
    More Bryan never showed them book keeping nor financial reports. It was first serious sign that something is wrong.
    I believe with proper management and real investments (because now we know Bryan probably invested few percentage of income) Pips had chance survive for a long time.
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