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    Default Bryan's presentation at the NYC meeting

    I found this on the internet, It's a presentation of PIPS and its related companies. I didn’t realize before the monster Bryan created (maybe he overdid it?)

    Transcript of Bryan Marsden's presentation at the NYC PIPS meeting
    Pure Investor company overview

    PIPS is a group of companies, not just in cyberspace but brick and mortar companies, all trading in business and generating revenues. These revenues go into the total fund we have in Pureinvestor/PIPS to produce our Return on Investment (ROI).
    There are 11 companies under the PIPS umbrella which make up PIPS and contribute to the 2% Return on Investment (ROI) that each PIPS member earns 5 trading days a week. They are:
    • PIPS Inc.
    • PIPS Financial Services, Inc.
    • PIC Trust Limited
    • PIC Capital
    • PIC Realty
    • PicPay
    • PIPS Premiere, Inc.
    • PIPS Fashions
    • New Mark Business Centres
    • PIPS Bistro
    • PIPS Foundation
    • PIPS Secured (new)
    PIPS, Inc.
    • Registered in Panama
    • As the holding company PIPS incorporated has a major shareholding in all other companies in the group and is the corporate financial hub
    • PIPS will also go public on one of the Asian stock markets in about 2 years, and PIPS members will be able to profit from the IPO (Initial Public Offering)
    • PIPS members will be offered preferential shares in the IPO when we go for listing (going public will not effect any of the programs). The advantage is PIPS will give members an opportunity to buy in to preferential shares BEFORE it goes to listing will make 600% return when we go public.

    PIPS Financial Services, Inc.
    • Registered and Licensed in Panama
    • This is the licensing arm to take deposits legally from anywhere in the world. It doesn't come under the jurisdiction of the SEC, or any of the governments, so they cannot touch the company and they cannot close it down.
    • PIPS Financial Services is the licensed entity in the group to handle all of the payment processing
    • All deposits come through PIPS Financial Services and in the not so distant future will operate in-house
    • Credit Card processing for the group

    PIC Trust Limited
    • Registered and Licensed in New Zealand (PIC Trust acts as Trustees for PIPS)
    • PIC Trust handles trading arm of PIPS
    • PIC Trust will (in November 2004) setup IBC’s and Trust Accounts for members (will be in Panama, New Zealand, etc).
    • 100% anonymous
    • Zero Taxation for member Trusts and IBC’s

    5 Year Trust Plan
    The PIPS 5-Year Trust Plan (5YTP) has been designed to provide PIPS members, custodians as individuals, corporations and employees with a short-term plan for financial independence and corporate growth.

    • Guaranteed
    • Insured
    • Death Benefits
    • Disability Benefits
    • Independent Agent Benefits
    • Employer Benefits


    PIPS Members

    PIPS Members can be assured of a fully managed plan without worrying about other investments, the plan is set at a low cost of US $175.00 for entry plus US $25.00 per month for 5 years (there is now a “clear balance key” where you now go in manually and clear your account balance) or pay the lump sum of $1350.00 (which saves you $325.00 overall).
    On maturity the member will receive a Lump Sum of US $87,017.47 and a monthly income of US $9,323.30 for the duration of their life.
    The plan also incorporates death and disability benefits to ensure that the members’ dependents are secured in case of the member’s death or if the member is disabled through injury or illness and is unable to work they will receive a monthly income.

    Corporate Employees

    Employees can be assured of a fully managed plan, the plan is set at a low cost of US $145.00 for entry plus US $20.00 per month for 5 years. The balance of the contribution is provided by the Employer, all contributions are collected at source by the Employer. On maturity the member will receive a Lump Sum of US $87,017.47 and a monthly income of US $9,323.30 for the duration of their life.

    The plan also incorporates death and disability benefits to ensure that the members’ dependents are secured on the member’s demise or if the member is disabled through injury or illness and is unable to work they will receive a monthly income.

    In the event of the Employer downsizing its workforce or ceasing to operate the plan, employees are provided with an option to terminate the plan or to continue to maturity by paying the full premium of US $25.00 per month.

    Corporate Employers

    Employers can be assured of not only providing a benefit for their employees, but also generate investment capital for their company operations. The plan is set at a low cost of US $50.00 per employee for entry plus US $5.00 per employee per month for 5 years. The Employer shall be responsible for the collections of all contributions for both the employees and the company each month and remitting them to PIPS Inc.
    The additional benefit for employers is that US $2.00 per employee is placed into an investment fund every month and a proportion of the returns are compounded every month, the balance of the returns being placed into a withdrawable account for company usage. Over the duration of the plan this provides the Employer with a return on investment of US $20,968.87 per employee. Employers can tell the employee that they can sign up after 2 years employment to avoid turn over at 5 years (so there is an extra 2 years of service the employee gives).
    Bryan assured members that members' original investment, including whatever interest it may have accumulated, will be insured by Allianz.

    Agent’s Package For The 5YTP:
    You can become an Agent for the 5YTP. You can set up your own agency and sell the plan and earn incredible commissions!
    You do not have to have a license to sell the 5YTP but agents must be able to sell and do the presentation, speaking to the Board of a company. PIC Trust requires you fill out the application online for an Agent and fax your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to be considered. After consideration, you have to be able to show PIC Trust that you can sign a corporate account of at least of 1,000 employees under you and they remain stable.
    Benefits: You will earn $2 per month per employee
    = $100,000 A MONTH FOR 5 YEARS)**
    Members of the 5YTP will be able to have access to a
    worldwide medical plan for less than $330 per month (still negotiating the numbers), which will be, for example, a fraction of the cost that US citizens presently have to pay for medical insurance.
    Questions about the 5YTP:
    Why the 5YTP and Not Just 2%?
    • Bryan gave the “Sweetshop Scenario” that if you give a child a dollar and place them in front of a bank and sweetshop they are more likely to choose the sweets over investing the dollar. So you are more likely to make a withdrawal in the 2% program (for life’s circumstances) when you come into good profit. So with the 5YTP, PI will put the money in the 5YTP and you cannot get to it until 5 years at maturity – (with the 2% more than likely you will start withdrawing when you get into good profit).

    What If You Become Disabled While in the 5YTP?
    • If one dies or becomes disabled in the partial payment plan of $175 down and $25 monthly, you will receive at 24 months $250,000 lump sum and $4,000 monthly and the full payment plan a payment of $250,000 and $5 or 6,000 monthly. You will need to show PI proof of notarized disability document from doctor.
    PIC Capital
    • Registered and Licensed in Malaysia
    • PIC Capital Operates
    o Leasing for Small and Medium Industries
    o Hire Purchase
    o Loans (waiting for additional license will then offer mortgages and personal loans)
    o Venture Capital (Licensed approved verbally waiting for official copy) Members will be able to buy units for $2 in 100 blocks at a time
    o Joint Venture partner with PIPS Premiere, Inc. for production and distribution

    PIPS Premiere, Inc.
    • Registered in Panama
    • PIPS Premiere is the Film and Entertainment arm of the PIPS group
    • Special Project Film Production, Animation, DVD’s CD’s and Merchandising
    • Distribution Network Worldwide
    • First Major Project Already in Production (an animated children’s bible in 3-D) first release April 2005 (I saw a teaser of the children’s Bible, it is AWESOME!). Their investment on this is $40 million in 18 months and their projected return is $1.5 billion
    • There will be 65 episodes altogether in 20 minute CDs
    • Targeted toward 3 to 13-yr olds

    PIC Realty (Home Financing & Restructuring)
    Three areas in real estate are being targeted by PIPS Real Estate: the foreclosure market, acquisition of existing office towers and malls and financing development projects. Designed primarily for PIPS members, they stand to benefit the most. It will enable them to buy or lease a home for 40% below market value and have the homes financed through PIPS at 30% below
    current market rates. The program is currently in operation in Malaysia and some 50 properties are being acquired each month. The program will expand to the US market in 2005.
    Purchasing and acquisition of existing business office towers and malls, said Bryan, is a move designed to take advantage of properties that are 100% occupied but whose owners are eager to sell to exit from their dollar-denominated construction loans. Bryan said that participation in development projects will be limited to the financing side of it.
    • Registered and Licensed in Malaysia
    • PIC Realty invests in the
    o Residential foreclosure markets
    o Commercial property market including operations
    o Development projects
    o Supported by a network of estate agents and valuers
    • 40% Discount on Market Value
    • Monthly Payments 30% Less than Current Mortgage Rates
    • Easy Exit Plan Guaranteed House Buy Back
    • Easy Upgrade Plan No Chain
    • PIC Realty are buying approx 50 new properties a month (foreclosure market but will give the one in a bind relief, PI will restructure them to afford to stay in the home)
    • Operating in Malaysia will open in US in 2005

    • Registered in Malaysia
    • Online Payment Gateway (similar to PayPal)
    • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
    • Merchant Accounts
    • Debit Cards
    • Debit Card Processing in conjunction with PIPS
    • More than 60,000 members
    • Hired More PicPay Staff
    • Staff is working 24/7 in various shifts
    • Bryan is striving for 3-day turnaround for all withdrawals

    PIPS Fashions
    Bryan disclosed that PIPS Fashions will be added to its list of franchises. Headed by an innovative designer, PIPS fashions will make its debut at the Hawaii Convention in March 2005 next year. Its first set of creation will be one of the highlights in Hawaii, unveiling a commercial line of casual and formal wear for men and women
    • Incorporated in Malaysia
    • PIPS Fashions is the fashion design and merchandising hub of the group
    • Producing commercial lines in ladies and men’s casual and formal clothing and PIPS own exclusive fashions
    • Fashions will be shown at the Hawaii convention
    • Team of young dynamic designers
    • Developing Bistro Merchandising
    • Exclusive Lines to be shown in London, Paris, Milan and New York
    • Will set up fashion outlets (own a franchise)
    PIPS Bistros
    The PIPS Bistro franchise, according to Bryan, will come to the franchise holder as a complete package. You must be able to run a restaurant. Awardees will receive the bistro/restaurant layout and design, culinary training, marketing and staffing. Two types of franchises are available, bistro only and a combination bistro-restaurant. The restaurant will feature casual, formal and private dining. The bistro will be the central gathering place for PIPSTERS and their guests with information about PIPS readily available from computers within the bistro site. The first franchise opens its doors in Kuala Lumpur on November 18th 2004 where chefs are currently undergoing honing up their culinary skills.

    • PIPS Bistro is a Franchise
    • PIPS Bistro is Home for PIPSTERS
    • PIPS Bistro is Full of Information (PIPS, NYSE, Reuters Real-Time News)
    • PIPS Bistro is the Business Venue (business lunches, business conferences, business catering, etc.)
    • PIPS Bistro is Intimate Dining
    • PIPS Bistro is a Major Group Asset (part of what feeds our ROI)
    *** PIPS ONLY NEEDS TO MAKE 0.05% to PAY US 2% a DAY***
    • Two packages
    o Bistro only
    o Bistro and Restaurant
    Available to Qualified PIPSTERS
    (must be able to run a restaurant)
    • Top-Level Support
    • Planned Franchising
    • Kualu Lumpur (Opens November 18th)
    • Singapore
    • Australia
    • US and Canada
    • Europe
    • Asia
    PIPS Foundation
    Even as Bryan told us that he will be in Manila between November 20 and 24 to turn over PIPS’ First Humanitarian contribution that will help street children, he also announced the formation of the PIPS Foundation. PIPS Foundation will be the agency through which requests for other humanitarian projects will be submitted.
    • A subsidiary of PIC Trust
    • Objective to handle PIPS humanitarian aid projects
    • Structured by committee comprising representatives from PIPS, Isabellamina Foundation (which presently helps Philippine street children who are forced to beg and are abused physically and sexually, even small children 3-4 years old) and member representatives from Australia, Europe and North America
    • Members can put for projects in their local areas
    Newmark Business Centres
    • Registered in Malaysia
    • Associate Company to the PIPS Group
    • Oldest part of the business established 1997. This is the back end of the company and where all the support team is located
    • NMBC is the operations powerhouse of the group
    • Manages all of PIPS group offices
    • Provides all back office operations working with debit cards, 5 year trust plan, movement of funds between PIPS accounts, ATM machines, Speedy Wallet, and your bank accounts, etc.
    PIPS Secured (New!)
    PIPS Secured Trust, is the company’s high end investment project that launches this month, Bryan encourages members to refer potential investors and take advantage of the 1% monthly commission. Minimum investment required is $1 million. Principal is guaranteed at the end of one year and one day. Investors are assured of receiving a three (3%) return every trading day for a total of $6 million at the end of the term.
    • High End Investment
    • Minimum to invest is $1 Million
    • Guaranteed Capital Repayment
    • Funds Insured
    • Term 1 Year + 1 Day
    • Earn 3% per Trading Day (for 10 months, the other 2 months goes to the UN) $1 million = $6 million in return
    • Need to Show Proof of Funds
    • You Receive Information on Investments
    • Transfer of Funds
    • Trust Deed Issued
    • Earn ROI Every Month for 3 Months then quarterly from date of entry
    • Your Capital Returned after 1Yr + 1 Day
    • NO one will be able to withdraw funds without your signature, co-signed by another bank officer
    • You will have to fly down to Singapore and sign before bank officers
    • Deposit Funds 7 Days before program starts
    • You can withdraw monthly for the first 3 months and then quarterly
    • You can earn 1% a month from introducing an investor to the program
    New Developments
    • Debit Card going from Mastercard (Canadian bank) to Visa (U.S. bank), new debit cards are in and will be issued, your current card is still available for use until your replacement arrives
    • PureInvestor will implement a new system for faxing to PIPS. Added 9 new fax lines
    • PIPS will be Mac friendly in 1-2 weeks. You will finally be able to buy units from your Mac computer
    • Amalgamation of accounts coming soon. You will have a master account, where you can access your other PIPS sub-accounts
    • Long term plans (2-10 years) retirement villages and resorts (presently for Japanese market), golf courses, marinas, condominiums, special time share programs available to PIPS members with more flexibility than traditional time share programs

    Some Q&A From the NYC Meeting
    * When will the first Bistro open in the U.S. and how much will it cost?
    The first Bistro in the U.S. will open in the second quarter of 2005 in the U.S. and a franchise purchase will cost around $400,000.
    *When will the first realty company open in the U.S.?
    It is in the process of opening NOW!
    *What type of security does PIPS have in terms of online security?
    There are 6 levels of security to prevent any intrusion of hackers to PIPS system.
    *When will IBCs (International Business Corporations) be available to PIPS members from PureInvestor?
    IBCs will be available for set up in November 2004.
    *When will PIPS Secure open? Can an account be opened through aggregated funds?
    PIPS Secure will be up and running in November 2004. Yes, the funds can be aggregated BUT everyone in the pool will have to show proof of funds and misleading information from any one person will cause the account NOT to open.
    *When will the IPO become available? Will the IPO have any effect on the 2% program?
    The IPO is going public in 2 years and will have no effect on the 2% program.
    *How many PIPS Secured accounts can one have?
    It is unlimited the amount the amount of accounts one can have.
    *Who audits PureInvestor?
    Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young will audit PureInvestor next year. There will be an annual summary will be posted on the FORUM.
    *When will the Venture Capital company launch?
    The Venture Capital is about to launch just waiting on an SEC document, members will be able to buy units in the amount $2 units in the blocks of 100.
    *Will there be health insurance by PI?
    Health insurance will be provided by Allianz. You will be able to pay it monthly, still in negotiations.

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    with all that and we closed down, no wonder the bank is taking their sweet time

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    I wonder how much of it is real and yet all it took was complaints of non payment to bring it down, gotta wonder.

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    After reading this, I think no one should berate themselves for joining.....sounds really good. I almost got excited all over again. Now I just wonder if any of it is true.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OICU812
    I wonder how much of it is real and yet all it took was complaints of non payment to bring it down, gotta wonder.
    O, I guess you know that one weak link can make a chain brake, no matter how good the rest of the chain is...
    So, I see no point nor reason to start wondering in doubt so easily...

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    Thanks for the post Way2go. It brings back to light how much was going on. It is amazing that all of it is at a grounding halt. Some news from Bryan soon would be nice. If there was just a once a month post. We would know the day and just look for the news whatever it was on that specific day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kozmar
    Thanks for the post Way2go. It brings back to light how much was going on. It is amazing that all of it is at a grounding halt. Some news from Bryan soon would be nice. If there was just a once a month post. We would know the day and just look for the news whatever it was on that specific day.

    Agree. That would have been wounderful.

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    WOW, where do I send my money? LOL

    Good luck to all, Mike

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    He must have had a lot of energy. I had just joined before it shut down, in May exactly, but WOH.

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    As you can see bryan used alot of members money to start up his own companys, should have used it to invest in companys already producing a proffit. Thus leading to a cash flow problems , can't pay members, well you know the rest of the story.

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