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Thread: Imagine

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    Default Imagine

    We have known John F. Kennedy.
    We have known Martin Luther King and his wife.
    We have known Gandhi.
    We have known Sister Tharesa.
    We have known John Lennon.

    We know Nelson Mandela.
    We know Bob Dylan.
    We know Bono.
    We know Bryan and his wife Sharon.

    Do you see, what I see? Can you feel it?
    I see visions.
    All these people, in there own special way, have tried and trying to make our world a little better.
    People with visions are men of steel and ask very little in return. Visions are unbreakable.

    A couple of years ago I read an article which stated that
    80% of all capital in the USA, was in the hands of 5% of
    its people. Suppose that is true.
    Lets project this to the rest of the world.
    We take all the rich countries together and a few families
    in the Midle East and elswhere.
    Suppose that will be 1 billion people times 5% and I come
    to 50 mllion people.
    They decide what we will wear next year.
    They decide what kind of car you driving.
    They decide how high your bills will be.
    They decide if you live in peace or live at war.
    They are friends and know how to keep it clean at there own frontdoor as well as in there own backyard.
    Like in a normal family they have disagreements some-
    times, but a diner here and there and some "donations" and everybody is happy again. Fantastic.
    This group is so popular that sometimes a guy with no
    brains at all, wants to join the family and use all violence
    possible to join. Many thousands of victims later he is
    more than welcome in the family as long as he follows there terms of conditions.

    Having said that, I come to the folowing conclusion:

    50 mil. run the show.
    1950 mil. like to run the show, but in the maentime
    having a good living.
    4000 mil. have no show to run at all and living on
    lesser than 2$ a day.

    Bryan earns the money in the rich world and wants to
    bring it to those who has lesser than 2$ a day.
    Bryan invites you to join him in his vision and at the same
    time he gives you the opportunity to improve your own
    financial status and be able to help others yourself.
    He has only asked for $425 to support his dream and
    make this dream your own. The most of us in London,
    Paris, New york, Amsterdam and oslo or wherever you
    are, spending more on 2 nights in town. So, if you had
    stayed at home a couple of nights, you had your dream
    for free. Of course I realize, that others among us really
    need money and are in nasty cercumstances.
    The P*psfamily has shown more than ones, that they are
    willing to help a fellow member in disstress by words of
    devotions and money.

    Suppose you had invest your money by buying stocks
    in GM or Merceders and you would call them and ask, if you
    could come over for tea and a nice chat.
    What would you think there answer would be?
    Only when you own 40% or more you are welcome, but
    not as friends, but because you are a treaten.
    In Bryan's world you have always been welcome.
    You was free to ask, to see licences and they where more
    than willing to show everything on the office.
    When Bryan had the time, he went even to diner with you
    or somebody else from the office.
    There is simply not one member to find, who can say that
    he or she has lost money in one of Bryan's programs in
    the last 5 years.
    We have 170.000 members, but not everybody belongs
    to our family. Most of us never write on forums, but keep
    it in the family.

    So, where do you stand for?
    Let us know where do you want to belong to.
    Do you have this vision as hard as steel, tempered with
    a heart of gold?
    This is the moment of truth.

    I come to another conclusion:

    If you share the so-called vision of the 50 million people,
    than "please leave!" alone.

    If you share the vision of Bryan and Sharon than you belong
    to the family of released and blessed people.

    If you hasitate, run to the musicshop and buy the following
    songs of Bob Dylan and John Lennon.
    1. Working class hero.
    2. ******* of war.
    3. With God on your side.
    4. Like a rolling stone.
    5. Knockin´on Heavens door.
    6. The times they are a-changin´
    7. Gimmi some truth.
    8. Give peace a chance.
    9. All you need is love.
    10. Imagine.

    I can asure you, you shall be released and you are very
    welcome in the family.

    I have 3 accounts.
    The plan was to transfer all the withdrawals into the 3%
    program by june 2006.
    Out of this 3% program, 25% goes back in P*ps on a
    new account and will just run for P*psaid.
    The reconstucted plan will show, if I have to change time and tactics.
    The rest is for those people, who are working with the
    needed people and know the local cercumstances and
    infrastructure. A dollar given, is a dollar spent.
    I don't need much money for myself.

    I see no glory in living like those moviestars and rappers,
    who are living the glory of 5.
    5 houses with 20 rooms, 10 cars over 5 continents and
    in the end 5 ex wives in misery. The only thing left to
    do than is playing "like a rolling stone".

    Our glory will be, thát moment, when tears changing into
    smiles on children's faces and only than will the
    mission of P*ps come to a hold.

    The biggest risk you can take in your life is, not to take
    any risk. You will die in your footsteps.
    For those who wants better communications.
    Well, open up your frontdoor and you see 150000 years of bulshit
    laying there. Start cleaning up there first. Start with yourself.
    Start with your family and than you're be able to criticize others in
    showing them the long and winding road you went through.

    I like to say thanks to Bryan and Sharon for everything
    they have done and still do for the world and for us.
    Imagine all the people............................................ ..........

    Untill we meet.
    Last edited by dusano; 16-02-2006 at 05:03 AM.

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    Nice post dusano!

    I agree with you!

    Bryan and Sharon thank'you for all you have done for us! (sorry for my english!)

    Last edited by spica; 08-02-2006 at 01:09 AM.

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    Hi Brother!

    At last nice to hear from you on this forum, I know you don't bother so much to write on forums all the time like many other do here. I know what you are talking about, We have been together and visiting each other many times and talked about Pips and Bryan Marsden and his vision and why you and your wife joined Pips. You talked to me for many weeks about this, on the phone, e-mails, etc. At first I didn't believe it, that there really good be a 2 % programme like this, but finally I understood what you were talking about, it's all about what you just wrote down when you started this thread. I really got the profound understanding of it. So I joined Pips in November 2004. I have never had any regrets since. Of course there were not many payments in 2005 and it stopped I think in april 2005. We have three Pips accounts, but I made no withdrawals to myself or my wife, but Spend almost $50000 to help for free my best friends in the program. This is what the spirit of Pips is all about. And I have said this before in my other posts here at Rolclub. Yes my brother and I, and our family and friends have big plans when Bryan returns. We will help him to get Pips better than ever before in order to help the needy people of this world. In the meantime when we wait for Bryan and the return of Pips, we enjoy life, helping people, care for each other and of course we have our jobs to take care of. So we just say to you all: don't worry! Personally I don't think it's a good idea to call BON every time. I have been working with goverment taxes for 20 years, I can assure you that BON will not give any of you people the information you are looking and waiting for. They follow their laws and are comfortable with it, they can take as much time as they wish, is all within the limits of the law. They will give the necessary information when the investigation really is finished, and so will Bryan/Pips as a company. Thanks brother, your post is very close to my heart. But of course you are my big brother, just 1 year older than me, I have known you since I was born, we grew up together in difficult times, the sixties, but we learned a lot about life and how this world is functioning. We meet soon! Wish you all the best!


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    Ben Harper "People Lead".

    "When the people lead, the leader they will have to follow,
    And all their lies and their alibies, they will have to swallow
    And it's you who holds the authority, for the one who is right

    It goes on, Great album "Fight for your Mind"

    And thanks for the post.

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