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    Default Mareks inquiry idea is right and overdue

    One thread of this is enough..Locked

    I don't know how I managed to get on top, but here I am......he,he,he
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    Default Mareks inquiry idea is right and overdue

    ... with this qualifier... that abunch of frantic cowboy types do not also get a "bright idea" and decide they are going to do i t also.

    most of you people, I believe are misrepresenting BM's request long ago about contacting the BON or anyone else for that matter. BM made this request in the midst of a frantic membership where everyone on their own was contacting anybody and everybody they could think of to try and calm their out of control fears.

    The proposal Marek is suggesting is a SINGLE professional inquiry on behalf of ALL membership (hopefully handled through a legal organization so the inquiry will be recieved as credible and legitimate) in order to get a comprehensive update to the investigation.

    I find absolutly nothing wrong with this idea. And I do not believe that this was the kind of 'contact" that BM was warning against. If the inquiry is done professionally I don't see how it could have any negative ramifications.

    The only mistake (in my opinion) was bringing the idea to the forum for discussion risking a rash of copycat inquiries which could dilute the impact and legitimacy of the original.

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