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    Default Brian Marsden's August 2009 Trial

    Dear All

    I attended the trial and it is interesting that some new development there, at least some progress going on.

    I think it's not proper for me to post here bcos HDGers paid for the latest update.

    If you are interested, you can email me (Removed email - YB.)

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    I will be closing this thread and a string of others as well that are rather repetitive and only leads to confusion and disarray for returning members wanting to trace or track related posts concerning the current development some call it a stupid saga, a farce and even a silly & endless waste of time, well whatever anyone feels opinionated by their individual viewpoints or argument, the Trial on the Mardsens is NOT over and far from closure hence, a main sticky thread will cater to that attention

    at this link>>>:

    Any further new threads open just for the sake of an individual's ignorance to the progress surrounding the Marsdens or the Trial or anything else on PIPS or PicPay and all the parties involved will find their newly created thread deleted or closed.

    Issues related further back to the past, will be posted in the above thread, click that link and stay there with your submitted posts please. This is part of some pruning on the PIPS related Forum.

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