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    Default Get this straight to the point...

    I know and understand the risk involved in any HYIP. I do my DD when I joined PIPS in July 2004. I then understood PIPS as legite. I watched my accounts grow and it was so encouraging and full of bright faith... But oop... PIPS grow faster then that can be managed. I put in my WDs sometime Feb 2005 and these turn into a nightmare... months after months and finally came August 2005, BNM confiscated everything and investigation became an on-going issue. Get this to the point... there were indeed problems and problems after problems. Problems from within mostly and these problems turn into what outsiders call PIPS a scam. It all boil down to payment problem, all started off because of picpay. It is impossible even banks refused to work with picpay after all it is dollars and cents all banks were also after!! I mean in another words we are all after dollars and cents, not that they are everything but a strong vehicle to make life easier. Now get this to the point, PIPS and PICPAY indeed get into financial dilemma. I did like to think PIPS will return and I think this is wishful thinking...

    Bryan (if indeed was him, so as other said was not) proposed while waiting for the completion of PIPS investigation to start HALOTTO putting almost everyone all excited of the hopeful of PIPS return, now also all in a sudden disappeared from the forum with no reason. I am indeed very sad all these happen with a very unclear destination... It is like going on where, everyone is in a dilemma. "Even the then ever biggest ship ever built sunk in the middle of the ocean, the Titani, bossed by arrogant people even God could not sink..." It is difficult to afloat the sunken ship. Get this straight to the point, I did like to think PIPS will return, but for now I think it is wishful thinking...


    We don't need any more of these whining threads..... therefore closing
    Last edited by Shell; 27-01-2006 at 02:00 PM.

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