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    Default 3 warnings and your out!

    From here on. There will be a three warning system. And i dont care if you agree or not. All warnings will be noted. Third is RED, and sadly i or one of the moderators will have to remove that person.

    Why i have to be hard, is to keep a system on this forum. we have been very fair for past time. And i see that people do not take responsibility.

    Now i will take action. If you dont care, its your choice. I will remove anyone that tests us. No joking. I am tried of beeing the uncle all the time. If you all just took some responsibility for your actions, we would all have a more plesent time here at this forum.

    Anyone, And i mean anyone that will disturbe the peace of this forum, will Be removed. Any profanity, and your out.

    Sad, so sad that i have to go to these measures.


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    Bumping this to the top just to "refresh" everyone's memories...

    Global Pension Plan: One Time Fee for a Great One Time Return

    "Maybe GOD isn't omnipotent. Maybe he's just been around so long that he knows everything..."

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