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    Default To help the level of frustration

    Bryan has posted several times that WHEN he knows anything himself AND can post it (he cannot always tell even if he wish, because of all the mad and negative people trying to destroy!) HE WILL POST! He has also posted that: HE WILL NOT POST THIS VERY SAME ANSWER MORE TIMES! From my point of view he must be a bit tired posting the same answers over an over again.

    We have for a longer period of time new that after BN have finished their investigation, they will give "the Pips case" to the Authorities, following the NORMAL rules and regulations. The Authorities have to tell Pips is "free, everything ok!", before BN will non-freeze our money and release our Pips from it's "prison". That's just the ordinary way Authorities work. Frustrating or not - but that's how they work.

    Authorities are not working too fast either. We simply have to sit back and wait. And Bryan will tell us anything he can, when he can and when his Lawyers allows him to tell it too us.

    Bryan is not a mean man, teasing not to tell. He has posted he is frustrated himself, because he want to tell, but cannot. There are reasons for things. And the main reason is he want to succeed in getting Pips back. There is no doubt he is doing what he can.

    I know this situation is very bad, both emotionally and financially for very many of us. I need my money just as much as you do. And many needs it very badly because of illness, serious debt, risking to loose their house etc. The situation and level of frustration is terrible for very many Pipsters.

    Bryans knows that. He is doing what he can. We can do what we can do too, to help the situation.

    I am going to play Lotto and be a member of the Affilitate System, finding new members to join, do my best to fill my Matrix and earn my downline bonuses - and hopefully win in Lotto too You never know! It may be you next time, having your lucky day!

    If you like, you can take a look at Pips Self Deveopment Forum:

    There is a lot of great posts in there, wich can help you feeling better. As long as we cannot do anything practical concerning the Athorities (the Lawyers are taking care of that), this situation is also a matter about how we feel - and WHAT WE CAN DO TO HELP OURSELF TO IMPROVE THE RESULT, AND MAKE A HAPPY ENDING!

    Yes, you are reading right (You don't need to change your glasses! ). WE CAN do a LOT to get the result we want! As long as the result is good and right, and don't harm anyone.

    You can find ALL THESE TREADS at THE Pips Self Deveopment Forum:

    1. Largo's treads about the Quantum field and our possabilities to create positive energy, get a better result and new ideas.
    "Maybe we can influence the outcome" , and "Our FUTURE with BM's help"

    2. Micky's 3 treads about visualisation and a lot more interesting things concerning how we can influence and get a better outcome.
    "1. My spiritual view of PIPS situation and what we can do", "2. A key to manifestation!" and "2. A key to manifestation!" and " 3. Power of thoughts and morphogenetic fields"

    3. My treads concerning how we are dealing with money and how we can make a happy ending.
    "How to help Pips and avoid problems in the future" and "Pips will raise. Thanks to Bryans inner strength and willingness to never give up"

    4. 4dataxmans tread: "What are you thankful for? " and a lot more.

    If there is something I can do to help to reduce the amount of stress and frustration level I would like to do so. I cannot help with money (we are in the same boat). But I can help you with a lot of interesting information, wich can help you to feel a lot better.

    We don't need to sit back and do "nothing". In fact we can still do a lot. believe it or not, but science have proved these things already. It's not something "alternative crap" (please forgive me my words). It's reaserch, it's SCIENCE!

    You CAN influence the result and outcome of the Pips story. When you now how to do it.

    It's OUR responsability what we are doing about our lives. Not BN, not Bryans.

    Happy reading at PSD Forum!

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    Lets stay on track with what nanni has tried to post about.


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    Many have yet to realize that we are not helpless but can help ourselves and the whole group. If we strongly wish and believe, we can influence the outcome to a positive one.
    Just have faith in yourselves, have faith in your power and create!

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